Monday, February 4, 2008

The final countdown!!

Do you remember that song? I really don't except for that one line! haha That's where we are today! 4 days til the Bible study begins!! WOOHOOO!! AAAAAHHHH!!

So like I said the enemy is busy, busy, busy! Last night a friend whose intentions were TOTALLY pure reminded me of a sometimes ugly side to leadership. The side where people expect you to do Jesus' job. People with some misplaced focus suddenly think that because you're "leading" things that you have all the answers. I hadn't really spent much time asking the Father to guide me with this because of all the other insecurities I've been giving Him! haha Anyway, while I was glad she brought it to my attention, it did give the enemy a little crack in my armor to slip thru and I had a VERY restless night last night. Thankfully, Abba Daddy sent me a sweet little love letter this morning! He's so good that way!

Please know that my "God Calling" is not my substitute for being in the Word, however, after having this book for over a year and seeing how the authors used the Word in it, I do read it EVERY morning!! So, what's the title for today? "Drop Your Crutch"! Here's a few lines. "Just go step by step. My will shall be revealed as you go. You will never cease to be thankful for this time when you felt at peace and trustful, and yet had no human security. When human support or material help of any kind is removed, then My power can become operative. Never limit my power. It is limitless." I KNOW!!! I about flipped!!! Is that funny or what?! He's so good to me ya'll!

My sweet friend Melissa blogged about the churchwide study we're doing on Joshua and I've been so mixed up lately with all this stuff with my mom that I don't know if we were supposed to do it last week, or the one to come, but I did mine last week. Then in our new music ministry Sunday school class we talked about it, THEN my little "Completely Loved" devotional book talked about Joshua again this morning. (Think maybe God's trying to tell me something?!) We're all familiar with Joshua's story but the thing that has spoken fresh to me this time around is how Joshua got the plan for Jericho and DID IT! There was no pause mentioned - and if he did I believe God would've told us that - there was no committee formed - there was no "I'll pray about this and get back with you" - NO EXCUSES! He turned to the people and said "Ok ya'll here's the deal! You 7 priests grab the ark - you 7 trumpet players grab those ram horns and get ready to march!" Then the other thing that hit me was the Israelites actually DID IT!! The generation of whiner-schnitzels had all been knocked off in the wilderness and these new young'uns knew that if God said "Jump" they'd best be askin' "How high"!!

That is where God has been speaking to me. So much of my life was/is spent in disobedience. Even when by the world's eyes I was doing everything right - there was still disobedience. However, the Father, ever so gently, (well most of the time! haha) took me by the hand, led me to the altar of sacrifice and told me there were some things I needed to lay up there and kill! I'm so grateful He did! His patience with me is unbelievable! His gentleness takes my breath away! His kindness brings me peace! Ya'll He longs to set us free! Free to love! Free to live! Pray for me this week that I'll not allow the enemy to distract me! Pray for the ladies coming to the study - for their hearts to be made ready. Thanks ya'll!! Have a good one!!


Leigh Gray said...

Val - the things He has you going through and about to walk thru are just a precursor of awesome things to come - trust me!! Easier to see on this side!! I love your heart and it is screaming - Praise to the Lord. Oh Val - i am so excited for you!!! Prasie Him!

Valarie said...

Thank you sweet girl and you know that you're my hero!!! ;-) I love you!!

marina said...

Val-I agree with Leigh he is doing an awesome thing in you and yes maybe you don't have all the answers but God will never leave you he will fill your mind with the things to say and answer.He always use the most insecurit people to do his work he use's the meek not the proud.God has you right where he wants you and he will not let you down. I will keep in prayer for you and your bible study and remember you don't have to have a college dgree to hear Gods voice. marina PS. thanks for letting me know I was not the only one having troble

Shonda said...

Val, I too was recently led to the altar of sacrifice and I laid down things in my life. I trust He will resurrect what is of HIM and slay those things that are not. I'll pray for your Bible study. Praying for your mother.

Blessings in Christ--