Sunday, April 12, 2009

That's My King! I YOU know Him?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Holy Week

I've always looked forward to Easter. I'm a Spring/Summer kinda girl so Easter was kinda the 'kick off' to Easter for me. I know, not exactly the 'church' answer for loving Easter, but I'm just keepin' it real here.
I have to say, however, that this year there's something new in me. God has done such a mighty work in me over the last few months that I'm just totally blown away by how excited I am for this holiday!! After doing the "Esther" study I have a whole new appreciation for this season and a whole new reason to celebrate! Of course the meaning of Easter is still the same, to commemorate the resurrection of my Lord, but for me this year is so much of a celebration that my "Easter dress" has a whole new meaning. I told my friend Melissa that I was ABSOLUTELY getting something new this year (even though I'm on Praise Team that day and have to wear a black skirt - ugh) and I kinda feel like I'm getting a prom dress. FOR REAL y'all!! Do you even understand why we have a reason to celebrate? I mean, there's the obvious power of the Resurrection, Jesus' defeat of sin and death, our sins covered once for all....AMAZING when you just think of that alone. But do you understand the freedom we have? I mean FREEDOM!!
Reading over Esther, pouring over the MANY celebrations, the feasts, the's exhausting. I have to admit that there's a part of me that finds the traditions of the Jews absolutely fascinating, but it just makes me sad at how bound they are. I say that in love, I mean it. They are just tied to those laws like nothing. I am so thankful that I am tied at the foot of the cross! I have freedom there! I have life there! I have power there! I have love there! I have forgiveness there!
Don't you think you need a prom dress too?! YAHOOOJAH!!
Thank you Jesus!!
Sorry for the yelling y'all but I'm free to yell all I want! ;-)

(PS - YAY Tarheels!)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Y'all gotta see what God did.......

Y'all seriously have NO idea how badly my family needed this and God just totally took care of everything for us!! Jehovah Jireh showed up and showed off! Y'all I've never had a sunroof in a car in my life! Leather (heated) seats, power everything, stow-n-go seats, multi cd player and get this, just to really show off - IT HAS A DVD PLAYER!!!!!!! Oh yes I am one of those moms!! AND PROUD OF IT!!!! ;-)

So all I can say is PRAY when you need something. Pray without ceasing. Pray continually. PRAY people! I've been praying for this for over 2 years and not only did He answer it but just to top off this little sundae He lowered my payments by $100!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY GOD!!!!!!!
Sorry for the yelling, but.....actually no I'm not sorry for the yelling!!!!