Monday, July 25, 2011

God has brought me from a Mighty Long Way...

Boy will that title preach or what? Can't believe it's been a year since I've blogged, but in this instant world of Facebook, Twitter, and the like, blogging seems like a relic sometimes doesn't it? I started this process knowing only a few close friends - and hopefully one day my kids would be able to know my heart and I've fallen short on staying faithful to them this past year. For that I'm sorry. So much has gone on. Job change (or loss of said job), kids growing up, middle school started for my middle son, broken bones, broken many changes....but like the lyrics of that Geron Davis song says "God has brought me from a mighty long way"!!! He's the ONE constant in my life, in this world!! For THAT, I am thankful.
So, today I'm coming off a whirlwind week. My boys went to Camp Paradise - first time for my middle child - and my baby girl went to hang out with Aunt Regina while I worked at the LifeWay You Lead conference and then had the honor of attending the Living Proof Live event with Beth Moore this weekend. Every time I've gone to one of her events the Lord has been faithful to give me a WORD and He did NOT disappoint again this weekend! Only this time, I got a BUNCH of them!! My intention is to try to blog about some of those this coming week and to continue to try to blog at least weekly. Again, knowing that only a few who care and hopefully one day my kids will likely be the only ones who read it. My hope is that someone will benefit from my words, not because they are MY words - as if I have anything to offer - but that the Word of the Lord will speak to them as He did to me! He is all I have to offer anyone! He is my life!!
So, this weekend one thing He clearly spoke to me about came from Deut 6:23. "But he brought us out from there to bring us in and give us the land that he promised on oath to our forefathers." The Lord brought me out....that He might bring me in....that was my Word from early Friday night! When I look back at what the Lord has brought me thru - make a timeline of my life -I can see His hand so clearly - so faithful. Sometimes He brought me out of BIG things, drugs, alcohol, etc...sometimes it was not so BIG things...but sin none the less. SIDENOTE: Isn't it just like our nature to "classify" sin as BIG sins and not so BIG sins. Sin is sin! Murder = gossip. Stealing = overeating. Rape = prayerlessness. He sees it as the same, only we put it in categories.
Ok, back on topic. God brought me bring me in. He is constantly changing me. Constantly making me more like His Son. Constantly cleaning me up and cleaning me out so that He can use me. THAT's the bottom line! He'll continue this work til He takes me home and the older I'm getting the quicker this process is becoming. Not less painful, but thankfully I'm not quite as stubborn as I was...not quite...;-)
So I'll wrap this blog up with this line from Sheila West - speaker at You Lead. "God loves you too much to leave you where you are." Do it Lord.....