Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No video but this is my new favorite song!!!!

Fellow "Grover's" prepare to hear this at church ASAP!!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!

The difference.

What a difference a week makes!! You may remember last week I posted a pic of one little bloom - the first of the season and look at it now!! This was shortly after a storm so they were kinda droopy, but still!! GORGEOUS!!
So in the last week not only did my roses open up, but so did I! The Lord opened some areas in my heart that had been closed and hidden. Some areas where I thought that surely the way I was going would work out. But oh the difference His rain/reign can bring. Not only to the beautiful roses in my yard but to the heart of His child!
He rained on me - it got a little stormy even - there were flickers of power where I tried to resist Him but ultimately I surrendered to His gentle touch and opened up and allowed His warmth to work in me, flow thru me. Now I pray that I can share as much beauty and joy as my roses have given to me!!
Is there something you're keeping closed off to Him? Some area that is comfortable, safe, even fun but He is asking you to open up and let it go. Trust me sisters, it's worth it!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I've been so busy the last couple of days and will be the rest of the week as we prepare for our Children's musical "Xtreme Praise" this Sunday night. Costumes, routines, songs, oh my! :-0

I must tell you how amazing my weekend with God was!! He spoke thru His vessel Priscilla Shirer at Going Beyond and can I just tell you that it was beyond anything I could've asked or imagined. I had been asking Him in the weeks/days before the event to refresh me, to revive me, to ignite me and to show up so clearly that I could smell Him! (yes, I know it's weird but I love to smell things - it's an illness really haha) I was volunteering for the event as an "Encourager" and when our ministry leader asked me to do that I was kinda surprised. See, I'm a social kinda gal and usually work the bookstore or greet and really enjoy it, but I was truly looking forward to this new role - though not exactly sure what it meant.

So, we get there and we're going over our "directions" for the various roles and they asked a few of us who were encouraging if we could cover concessions during our down time and I tell ya, I clearly felt the Lord say "NO" to that one. Now, I have to say that when I'm in a volunteer setting and there's a job that needs to be done and it looks like no one really wants it - I'm the one who jumps in - usually purely from guilt - not a giving spirit - believe me! So it was hard to sit there and not lift my hand for the job but I seriously felt the Lord heavy on me NOT to do it. THEN they took all those volunteers to a different area for directions and the rest of us stayed to pray and prepare our hearts for the evening. The leader from the LifeWay team, Melissa, tells us to open our Bible to 1 Corin 15:58. I did and as she read the Words I nearly jumped out of my seat!

See, we've been going thru some "drama" in our church and I have inadvertently been pulled into it - not in a BIG way - but big enough to distract me. Thru all that's been going on I have CLEARLY heard the Lord telling me 2 distinct things. "Be Still" and "Stand Firm". So, if you haven't opened your Word yet let me just tell you what 1 Corin. 15:58 says, "Therefore, my dear brothers (sisters), STAND FIRM. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain." (emp mine) I KNOW!! I nearly ran a lap right then and there! We hadn't even opened the doors and I was already gettin' a Word! LOVE IT!!

So then we get started with some INCREDIBLE praise and worship with Alex Williams and his praise team and then the special artist Vicki Yohe blew me away! Let me just say that girl can SANG!!!!!! (not sing, but SANG!!)

Ok, I have to pause for a second here to tell you that at this moment my baby girl is sitting in the living room singing "Nearer My God to Thee" and "Shall We Gather at the River" and I'm about to have a fit!! LAND SAKES! Jesus, you're so good to me!

Ok, I'm back. So Priscilla spoke from Exodus on how the Lord led His people out of Egypt - a place they were comfortable in, a place that held them captive, a place that felt like home to them even though it was NOT their Promised Land. Since this is turning into a novel I'll just share one thing the Lord spoke to me CLEARLY about. When the Israelites set out for the Promised Land they pretty much had a straight shot into it (well a bit east and a bit north but you get the point) but God had a different plan. He led them in the opposite direction from the Promised Land. The Lord reminded me this weekend that sometimes when I go thru things that aren't easy it's Him leading me thru them. He's not doing it to hurt me, He just knows that it's the BEST route for me at that time. That going the easy way WILL NOT benefit me. That as His child it's my role to simply follow.

There's so much more I could share and maybe I will - but right now my baby girl is wanting me to come sing with her - so I'm outta here!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Weekend Worship - Love me some Mandisa

Hope you have a great weekend!! I'm going to be gettin' a Word from the Lord thru Priscilla Shirer and Vicki Yohe this weekend!!

Hope you hear the "Voice of the Savior" as well!! Listen.....He's speaking!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Ok, so I've been tagged a couple of times this week and I finally decided to sit down and do it so here we go.
Here's the rules.
) Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog
2) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4) Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here's some random, weird stuff about me.

1) I have only broken one bone in my life - my left collarbone - while cartwheeling down the stairs in 6th grade. Yes I said cartwheeling DOWN the stairs!
2) I have moved 12 times in my life in only 3 states.
3) I have marched in a Disney parade - as myself not Goofy - not the REAL Goofy anyway!
4) I have over 20 1st cousins on my dad's side alone. 12 kids makes for LOTS of cousins!
5) I have eaten moose - the animal, not the dessert.
6) My sister went on a date with George Carlin - I know, sad, but true!
7) I have six toes on one foot - ok, not really, but I just wanted to see if anyone was actually reading these! hahaha

Ok. I think this tag game has gone on enough so I'm not gonna tag others. Sorry for breaking the rules - don't worry, God's still working on me! ;-)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Trekking thru Luke today into chpt 5 and my oh my what a chpt. I've been there for a couple of days now because it's just such GOOD stuff!!! Jesus catches record numbers of fish for Peter, James and John, he heals a man with leprosy - not just heals him but actually TOUCHES him - then the story of the paralytic being lowered thru the roof - then Jesus eating with "sinners" and predicting a time of fasting to come. See? GOOD stuff!!

The thing that has really hit me thru this chapter is (well, one of them anyway) the desperation of the people. The Israelites were living in a time of bondage. They were waiting for their hero (Messiah) to come because they knew it had been prophesied for him to come. They were facing death, poverty, diseases, governmental unrest.....sound familiar? They were desperate. Then Jesus comes and begins teaching about loving your enemy, reaching out to those less fortunate, calling out their hypocrisy and they are not real happy about it all. Sure, it's hard for them to dispute the miracles. I mean, 4 men climb on a roof carrying a man on a mat and lower him thru the roof, all to get a chance to have the Master's touch...that's desperate.

Ok, I gotta pause and talk about this one for a sec. Get this picture in your mind. They were in a house made of stone with roofs made of a mixture of mud and straw laid out in "tiles". The place was packed with Pharisees and teachers of the law "from every village of Galilee and from Judea and Jerusalem" according to verse 17. We know that in those days most people didn't travel alone, especially religious leaders, so we can assume there was a LOT of people there. The men have their friend, a paralytic, which means he is dead weight, lying on a mat carrying him to Jesus. They push thru the crowds to no avail. Can't you just see them standing outside scratching their heads going "Ok, how we gonna get in there y'all?" (yes I believe they spoke with a Southern accent! haha)

So like any typical red-blooded male would do - they devise a plan. 2 men climb up while the other 2 hoist up the friend. The other 2 climb up, then they drag him up across the roof. Then they tear a hole big enough to fit him thru - being sure they're getting close enough to Jesus - then lower him gently down to the Master. Ok, so you know I'm just imagining this - this is not Biblical exposition here - but stick with me. Now we know that Jesus knew what was happening. Jesus knew the man was coming. He knew the friends had carried him - from just how far we have no idea. He knew the man needed healing. So why not, just say "Time out guys, I'm needed out front" and spare them the work. I believe it was so that you and I could see not only the faith of these great friends, but the desperation.

I believe that not until we're in a place that we're willing to do whatever it takes to get a touch from God. A place where we know there's no other way. A place where we are willing to let it all go and take whatever risk we have to just to be near Him, will God work. I don't believe He does this to punish us, or to make us look weak, or to embarrass us. I believe He does this so that when our miracle comes, we'll have no other choice but to go out praising God. We'll have no other choice to but to look over our lives and say "We have seen remarkable things".

Lord Jesus, thank you for the example of these men and so many others in your Word that remind us of our desperate state. Thank you for showing us how much you long to bless us. Thank you for loving us and longing that not one of us should perish. Thank you for coming to the earth and fulfilling the Promise of Scriptures to bring sinners to repentance. Keep me desperate Lord. Remind me who I am in you. In your precious name I ask it. Amen.

Monday, April 21, 2008

So pretty....

Ok, so I have to share what FINALLY happened yesterday.....

Yes my rose bush FINALLY bloomed!! It's got several more blooms on it, but this was the 1st and I just had to share it.

There's a story behind this bush. (I have a story for EVERYTHING!) I had the BEST job ever a couple of years ago - teaching preschool music!! It was a BLAST! I taught all the classes and the day care kids too so it wasn't the same kids day in and day out and each week we did something new. It was truly a blessing in my life! (Loved me some Liney, SJ, Madeline, Becca and Hope!!! ;-) )

So one of my sweet little girls gave me this rose bush at the end of the year. Her momma came to me and said that her daughter hadn't really shown any interest in music despite her best efforts to expose her to different things as a toddler. Mostly she would cry every time music came on - I know! Can't even imagine!! Anyway, when she first came to my class she would sit quietly in the corner, or even shut herself in my bathroom to keep away from it all. Then came instrument day!!! Oh yeah!! Out of the bathroom she came running and she NEVER looked back!

So this rose bush will go with me wherever I go. If I move, I'll be digging it up and taking it with me!! Every year when I see those blooms I think of that sweet little girl and the difference the Lord made in her life thru this donkey and it makes me smile!! Hope it makes you smile too!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend Worship

I love this song! Haven't heard it in a while but it makes me get up and do a Praise dance!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!

Let the Praises Ring!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Missed blessings....

Plowing on in Luke 4 and it is GOOD stuff! Isn't all of it, really? Go back with me to the time of Jesus. Imagine sitting in church and Jesus Christ comes in, gets handed the scroll, stands, opens it and begins to say "The Spirit of the Lord is one me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor." He then finishes these words from Isaiah, closes the scroll, looks around and says "Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing." CAN YOU IMAGINE?

Sometimes when we read thru the Scriptures - having the "hindsight" that we do - we find ourselves going "What were they thinking". I know I do, at least. This was one of those times. Jesus begins to confront the Jews in the synagogue of Nazareth with the ugly truth of their pride (vs 23-27) and boy do they turn on Him. Verse 22 says that after he read the Scriptures "All spoke well of him and were amazed at the gracious words that came from his lips. 'Isn't this Joseph's son?' they asked." So their initial reaction was admiration at their "hometown hero", but then Jesus tells them that they will reject him like they did Elijah and Elisha (some of their best known prophets) they turn on him wanting to throw him off a cliff.

It just really struck me that I certainly shouldn't judge them. I mean, how often when faced with the ugly reality of my sin do I immediately get defensive and angry? All too often I'm afraid. No one likes to be called out for blowing it, but sometimes that's what it takes. It takes a TRUE friend who will say "I love you girl, but that was wrong". No one wants to be in that position - either of them really - but it's what we're called to do. "Spur one another on toward love and good deeds" Heb 10:24. So my prayer is to love those around me enough to call them out if they need it - in LOVE of course and with gentleness - but also that I will surround myself with those who won't be afraid to call me out. (this means you Leigh, Melissa, Jennifer, Faith, Nicki, Lisa! haha)

Luke 4 continues with Jesus heading out to Capernaum to spread the good news and along the way encounters demons who IMMEDIATELY know who He is! (which is another amazing point - the Jews in the synagogue at Nazareth didn't get it but the demons of hell did? OUCH!) So Jesus tells them to hush it and go - and they flee! Think of the blessings Nazareth missed. Think of the healing their families would've had, the demons that would've been cast out, amazing stuff, but they refused Him. Think of the blessings we miss. Not because we refuse to acknowledge Him, but because we refuse to let go. We refuse to surrender and cling to Him alone for EVERYTHING! Lord, may it never be!! I don't want to get to heaven and see all the things you had for me but I missed them. Don't let me sit in pride and miss your blessings!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


What kind of emotions well up inside when you read that word? I know a roller coaster leaves the station in me! There are so many areas of temptation that we face every day. Just seeing the word intrigues us. Would you agree? For instance, I was at the library scanning titles and saw "Temptation" and my mind went crazy. "Bet I can guess what that book's about" was the first thought. I didn't even pick it up because someone might see me and think I read "that kind of thing". Heaven forbid.

However, I had read several other books by this particular author and though she's not a Christian author - or at least that's not her genre - I knew her books to be "ok" so I went online to read about it. (Is that pitiful or what? - I'll go online to read about it, but won't pick it up in public - guess I have issues (more of them anyway)) So as it turns out the book is NOT what I thought it was about but it was about the temptation of money. Woman inherits a ton from a father she never knew, people try to steal it, borrow it, etc. She ends up leaving the country and moving to a secluded island to escape it and meets the man of her dreams - poor rich surfer - you get the idea. I did end up reading the book but that's not what this post is about.

Temptation. I'm reading Luke 4 on the temptation of Jesus and I tell you, as familiar as this passage is, I was really taken aback by the "gall" of Satan. I mean, for real, he knew who Jesus was, he knew the power Jesus has, he knew what he could and one day would eventually do to him and yet there he stood trying to bait him. Unreal. Then not only does he try to trick him into turning his back on God - as if that could happen - but then quotes Scripture right back at Him. Wow. The nerve. Who does he think he is? I mean, here was the Word made flesh dwelling among them and here's ding dong trying to offer him earthly treasures. Does that just crack you up? It does me.

The thing that really hit me though was the nerve I have sometimes. I mean, the Holy Spirit of God dwells in me and yet I abuse my body by neglecting to take care of it, I know the access to power I have thru Christ and don't tap into it in times of trouble, I worry about things when the Word CLEARLY tells me to cast it all on my Father. Wow. The nerve. Who do I think I am?

All I can say is....thank you for your mercy and grace Lord! Thank you for not giving me what I deserve and for loving me despite the MANY times I disobey you - whether intentional or not! Is this God that we serve amazing or what?! I know that if someone did to my son the things that were done to the Son of God - and the things that are STILL being done to Him - I surely wouldn't have an ounce of grace or mercy on that person and if you'll be honest I bet you wouldn't either - even if you only have pets not kids. But God (oh my favorite words) in His love says that it's His desire that none should perish, not one of us! Amazing.

I'm loving this journey thru Luke and I'm loving seeing the human side of Jesus. It gives me such encouragement as I face my daily battles which pale in comparison to His! I pray that you'll find a book in the Word and dive in. I've been tempted (see what I mean) to chicken out and grab a study book I have ready or a devotion book (not that there's ONE THING wrong with those), but I'm committing to read thru this book, and others, assisted only by the Holy Spirit's lead. Not that I would need anything else. So I hope you'll do the same and share with me what you're learning.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Boating, poison ivy, doctors, oh my!

Check out my little man!!! Is he the cutest or what?!

The morning started with a lovely drive up to Queen's Landing for a cruise on the Catawba Queen with my 3rd grader. Can I just tell you how STINKIN' COLD it was?! Ridiculous! They divided up the classes and there will be a group going Thur. and Fri. when it's supposed to be like 77, but we get stuck going when it's like 50! Despite the cold my boy had a BLAST! I hadn't seen him smile that much in a LONG time! He's a bit on the introvert side and keeps his emotions TIGHT so to see that smile just made my heart melt despite the arctic blast coming off the lake.

So after our little excursion I race to the school to pick up #1 and #3 since our lovely school system won't let kids leave with their PARENTS we had to wait for #2 to arrive on the bus. (that just doesn't sound right does it? hahahaa) SPECIAL! Anyway, #1 starts telling me how bad he's feeling. He got into some poison ivy over the weekend and when he climbed into the car I could see that it had spread onto his face. YUK! So after I get #2 (LOL) we head off to the Dr. After some testing, lo and behold, it's not just poison ivy, but he also has STREP!!!!! Can you believe it?! We had his tonsils out in Kindergarten to keep this from happening (as much) and don't you know......STREP!! UNREAL! So not only is he itching like crazy, but now he has a fever - making the itching worse - and a headache and will likely share the love. UGH!! Luckily my Dr's ROCK and they said to call if anyone else got symptoms and they'd just call something in. They know I don't bring my kids in unless they're sick! Just not a freakin' out kinda mommy! (Most of the time anyway!)
So, that was the day's events. Nothing too spiritual to share today, but I will tell you this....God is good! We have insurance and we have money to pay for meds and copays so HE IS GOOD!!! Praise you Lord!!
Pray for my baby (though he'd not be happy about me calling him that in front of y'all - he's 10) and pray no one else in my house gets it! Thanks!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Does anyone else hate waiting? I mean, can I get an "Amen" or do I have to roll up my own?!! hahaha (little Roc Collins humor for ya!)

First I have to say that I've been battling with what to do next. I started reading thru Luke - no study guide - just me and the Word and I truly am loving it, but my ADD is needing some Holy Spirit Ritalin!! I've got a couple of study books just waiting for me to jump in but I believe the Lord sent me to Luke for a WORD! I've gotten several already so I know it's where I'm supposed to be and I'm only on the 4th chpt! Whew!

So anyway, waiting. I've got a few things I'm waiting for and I tell you I'd just about rather go have a mammogram then wait. The Lord is SERIOUSLY working with me. It seems the more I ask for patience, the more He grants me opportunities to practice! He's so good that way. (oh how I wish you could hear me say that instead of reading it because I promise it wasn't "said" as spiritual as it "reads" haha)

Where does He send me in Luke? 3rd chpt. Get out your Word and take a little gander at that chpt. Just skim it. I'll wait for ya.......ok. Do you see it? Doesn't it just look like it's BURSTING with wisdom and knowledge?! It's Jesus' genealogy for pete's sake! Ok, please know that I do believe that EVERY bit of Scripture is God-breathed, alive and active but a lineage? Well, that's where we went so I dug in. Right before the son of..son of...son of...part is Jesus' baptism. Now, here's where the Lord whopped me upside my thick skull.

Jesus could've begun His ministry at any point. I mean, He was Jesus. He could've started healing as an infant - ok well maybe a toddler - but work with me here. He definitely could've started at 12 when he was in the temple with the "teachers". Don't ya think? But what did Jesus do? He waited. He went home with his parents - worked as a carpenter with his stepdad Joseph and likely took care of his younger siblings after Joseph died. Can you imagine? Jesus changing his little brother's diapers?! Jesus?!! But that's just what he did. (well I don't know about diapers, but you get the point) He followed Jewish tradition and waited until the appropriate time. Not just Jewish tradition but He waited until His Father said "Let's go Son, it's time!" Don't you just imagine that Jesus was chompin' at the bit?! Can't you just imagine the conversations He had with God? "Today, is it today?" (not that He didn't already know)

So here I am waiting. Since I've been given the promise of being able to do all things thru Christ who gives me strength. I will wait. I will grow. I will endure. I'll try to practice what I've been asking for.

Friday, April 11, 2008

A little too familiar?

"39And all of these, though they won divine approval by [means of] their faith, did not receive the fulfillment of what was promised,
40Because God had us in mind and had something better and greater in view for us, so that they [these heroes and heroines of faith] should not come to perfection apart from us [before we could join them].
1THEREFORE THEN, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses [who have borne testimony to the Truth], let us strip off and throw aside every encumbrance (unnecessary weight) and that sin which so readily (deftly and cleverly) clings to and entangles us, and let us run with patient endurance and steady and active persistence the appointed course of the race that is set before us,"

Ok so this passage from Heb 11:39 - 12:1 was one that hit me up side my thick head this week. Now I know we're all familiar with this "hall of faith" but I'm tellin' you that verse 40 never gets that much attention when most preachers hit this chapter. Not to fault any of them, because each of these verses, I believe, is a sermon in and of themselves. However, truth be told, I believe that it's not that I haven't ever heard a preacher preach on it, it's just that my heart wasn't listening. God wasn't ready for me to hear it. Don't you love that about Him?

Jim Shaddix, one of the speakers this week, spoke on this chapter and gave the illustration of a relay race. In a relay the first to cross the finish line isn't always the winner. There has to be a clean exchange, within certain perimeters, the baton must not be dropped or the team is disqualified. So, applying a relay to our spiritual walk and looking thru the "Hall of Faith", the baton has been passed to us. To our generation. I'm afraid that we may be disqualified. I pray it isn't so. I pray that we can be known as heroes and heroines of faith.

Does vs. 40 hit you? God's plan is that these people who are mentioned in the previous verses, ALONG WITH the testimony of OUR generation, will come to perfection. Their faith can't be complete without our testimonies as a generation. That just about blew me out of the water!! I don't believe we can ever cancel out what they did, but we can add to it. My girlfriend always says that she's so glad there's not a book of "Lisa" in the Bible and I feel the same way, but in reality there's one in heaven labeled "Valarie" and I pray that in eternity as God continues to hang the pictures of the "Giants of Faith" in His hall that a tiny portrait of my life may be there. Can you imagine?!

Don't you just love "the depths of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!"? "How unsearchable his judgements, and his paths beyond tracing out! Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been his counselor? Who has ever given to God that God should repay him? For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen."

Y'all have a good one - I'm 'bout to go have me some church in my livin' room!!! Between these verses and my baby in there singing "He knows my name" I'm about to bust!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh my word how I love His Word!!

What a week!! I'm "supposed" to be sitting in WV right now visiting with my family but God has other plans for me. After the end of our conference yesterday morning I came home, packed up the kids and headed north. Made it about 60 mi from home - just far enough to be a nuisance - and my car had a little stroke, or heart attack or at this point test are still being run to determine the prognosis! SIGH. So, with a van load of crying kids, crying/annoyed mom, video games, books, luggage, pillows and blankets there I sat....waiting.

My sweet, sweet friend Melissa and her man Steve came to my rescue. See, my love has a truck that physically will hold all of us but add in 3 pillows and blankets that would blow out the bed of the truck and all the Webkins and other various things too light for the bed....well it wasn't gonna happen. So Melissa and Steve gave up their quiet, relaxing evening at home to drive 60 miles up 77N to rescue my family. Is that a good friend or what?! Thanks again guys! I love you both!!

So during that time of waiting and between phone calls to my worried man and mother I got to spend some time processing all the Lord had spoken to me about during our conference. Several of my fellow "Grovers" have blogged about what the Lord spoke to them about thru the AWESOME pastors there, and I've given a few links if you'd like to read their recaps but the Lord wasn't quite finished with me. (as if He EVER will be til I get home!) He gave me a little down time yesterday to sit and process so many things He had spoken to me.

One of the biggest was the responsibility we have to stand on and to stay in the Word. Not just for our own knowledge, though that is important and vital, but for the next generation as well. Dr. Jim Shaddix was the keynote speaker who taught in the morning sessions and let me just tell you....I'm so glad I volunteered to sing. Sure it was hard getting up, getting my family up and dressed to go to church 4 days in a row at 7:00am each morning, but oh my lands the reward far outweighed the effort! I can't tell you how the Lord has used the conference to change my name....again! So many things. So much work to do. But here's the beauty of's not work at all. It's blessing. It's joy. It's life.

Several of the pastors spoke about facing trials and storms and this car thing and spring break being ruined for my kids is a small storm, but I will stand on all things working together for good and I will stand on His plans to prosper me and not bring me harm. I will not get wrapped up in the emotions of disappointment and fear over cost of repairs.... I will STAND! I will run the race and not grow faint! I will soar with the eagles! God is good y'all! He's good all the time! What else matters?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Empowered Church

So I know I said I likely wouldn't be blogging much but I had to pop on and tell you about church. We're having a conference this week and tonight we had 2 amazing speakers - very no I mean VERY different styles but both amazing!! First was Mac Brunson and ya'll he preached from 2 Tim 3. Yes, the very thing I blogged about last week. About not being the vanishing church in the times in which we live. About taking a stand on the Word, not on anything else, but preaching the Word, sharing the Word and doing it like it's all we have!! GOOD STUFF!!

Then Fred Luter spoke on surviving storms. Let me tell you that this man knows a thing or two about surviving a storm. He's the preacher at one of the biggest Southern Baptist church in New Orleans. His church was practically wiped out with Katrina. In fact, he says they only have about 20% of this population back even 2 yrs later. Amazing. Anyway, he said there were 3 things we need to remember when facing a storm - the Promises of Jesus, the Presence of Jesus and the Power of Jesus. His illustrations came from Mark 4 when Jesus promised to take the disciples to the other side of the lake but a storm came. Well all during his sermon I kept thinking of this family and praying for them. Won't you do the same?

I have faced some storms in my life - you have too and if you haven't yet - you will. Just know that when you remember the Promises, the Presence and the Power of Jesus and you are His, the best thing will happen.......Peace!! I'll be sure to let you know how things go tomorrow. Gotta hit the sack and get ready to sing in the morning!

Spring break....

Oh my word. Isn't it funny that for the last 2 weeks I've been looking forward to spring break and here it is Monday at 10:30 and I'm thinking....can't they go to school? HAHAHA Just kiddin'!

It's a busy week with a conference at church that I have to sing at alot and then I'll be leaving Wed. for WV to visit my mom. Not sure how much bloggin' I'll get done this week so hope you have a great one and pop back over when you can!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Weekend Worship

Turn it up and give Jesus a thank you dance!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Tribute

Kelley and I at our 20 yr reunion - we're on a boat thus the wind-blown look! ;-)

My sweet friend Nicki has been leading a Bible study which ended last night and her final topic was friendships and it got me to thinking. So today's blog will be a tribute to my BEST friend!
Proverbs 17:17a says that "a friend loves at all times" and I can say that my best friend Kelley (which is her official title when I reference her) has loved this sometimes unlovable woman at all times! She truly has been a friend to me in every sense of the word. Yesterday was her birthday. It was a "monumental" one and she's the first in our "circle" to turn 39 again (haha) so that makes her older than me! (Sorry girl, but you know I had to get one in! haha)

In either Aug or Sept of 1980 (sorry but I'm too old to remember) I walked in the doors of Lincoln Jr. High clueless to the Lord's plan for me. Clueless that a bond would begin in my life that would last almost 28 years!! (Can't believe that) There are so many things that Kelley and I have been thru. Boys, betrayal (boys and friends), me chasing boys who hit her with rocks ready to beat them up (hahaha), losing friends, college, boys, crazy times, boys (haha), then marriage, kids, parents death, parents divorce, caring for aging parents, so many life situations and thru it all we had each other. Sure distance has separated us but we both knew the other was just a phone call away - sometimes even a plane ride!! (as Kelley flew across the country when my dad died y'all!)

So today as I sit and remember - remember good times (guess they forgot the Colombian coffee) and not so good times (mostly involving boys that broke our hearts - DOGS!) - I honor my best friend Kelley.

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for not giving up on me in a time when I wanted to give up on myself. Thank you for never judging me. Thank you for being my BFF before the days of BFF! hahaha I'm so grateful the Lord brought you into my life and that He has sustained our friendship over the years. It has been a gift from Him and I have and always will treasure it! Know that I'm here for you - I got your back girl - always have, always will! I love you Kel! Happy (day after) Birthday!
"Kelley, Kelley, why ya buggin?" hahahahahaha

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


*** edited - I'm not endorsing this book because I haven't read it, but this video is compelling!!

First - hubby's been online doing taxes so I haven't had a chance to blog but now he's done! woohoo for taxes! ;-( haha

Ok, so often people ask us to pray for things or we tell people we'll pray for them but do we? In my life there have been times when my intentions have been very good, but my follow thru - well not so much. But in the last several years I have really started taking my prayer life seriously. I mean, VERY serious. I'll bet we can all think of a time when we have seen the power of prayer. We've seen lives miraculously saved, health restored, marriages reconciled, a lot of BIG things! Even little things too. Answered prayers. I know in my own life, my marriage, my walk I have seen prayer after prayer answered. Sometimes the way that I asked them to be, sometimes (most really) not. His ways are not my ways.

Over the last couple of days I've been thinking about celebrities and prayer. They often flip that word around like it's nothing. They take my Abba, Father's name in vain then turn around and ask us to pray for them. Please know that I don't say that with a judgemental spirit, but from a place in my heart that hurts for them. When all the "Britney" stuff was everywhere I was amazed at blog after blog that I saw and even heard on my local Christian radio station of Christian women praying for that girl. Were their prayers answered - well of course I don't have any idea because I don't know her, but I can say that I haven't heard her name or seen her face on every tv and magazine (at least not as much anyway) so I think in some way their prayers were answered.

Today I'm giving you a link to a very disturbing video. The content of the video isn't at all surprising, but to me what is disturbing is my sister's in Christ (and brothers) buying right into this! Please watch this video and please pray. Don't just say you'll pray, don't think about praying just stop and lift her before the throne and then pray for protection!!!

2 Tim 3:1-7
"But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God - having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them. They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over weak-willed women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth." (emp. mine)

Like I said sister's it's time to get serious about your prayers!!!