Wednesday, April 16, 2008


What kind of emotions well up inside when you read that word? I know a roller coaster leaves the station in me! There are so many areas of temptation that we face every day. Just seeing the word intrigues us. Would you agree? For instance, I was at the library scanning titles and saw "Temptation" and my mind went crazy. "Bet I can guess what that book's about" was the first thought. I didn't even pick it up because someone might see me and think I read "that kind of thing". Heaven forbid.

However, I had read several other books by this particular author and though she's not a Christian author - or at least that's not her genre - I knew her books to be "ok" so I went online to read about it. (Is that pitiful or what? - I'll go online to read about it, but won't pick it up in public - guess I have issues (more of them anyway)) So as it turns out the book is NOT what I thought it was about but it was about the temptation of money. Woman inherits a ton from a father she never knew, people try to steal it, borrow it, etc. She ends up leaving the country and moving to a secluded island to escape it and meets the man of her dreams - poor rich surfer - you get the idea. I did end up reading the book but that's not what this post is about.

Temptation. I'm reading Luke 4 on the temptation of Jesus and I tell you, as familiar as this passage is, I was really taken aback by the "gall" of Satan. I mean, for real, he knew who Jesus was, he knew the power Jesus has, he knew what he could and one day would eventually do to him and yet there he stood trying to bait him. Unreal. Then not only does he try to trick him into turning his back on God - as if that could happen - but then quotes Scripture right back at Him. Wow. The nerve. Who does he think he is? I mean, here was the Word made flesh dwelling among them and here's ding dong trying to offer him earthly treasures. Does that just crack you up? It does me.

The thing that really hit me though was the nerve I have sometimes. I mean, the Holy Spirit of God dwells in me and yet I abuse my body by neglecting to take care of it, I know the access to power I have thru Christ and don't tap into it in times of trouble, I worry about things when the Word CLEARLY tells me to cast it all on my Father. Wow. The nerve. Who do I think I am?

All I can say is....thank you for your mercy and grace Lord! Thank you for not giving me what I deserve and for loving me despite the MANY times I disobey you - whether intentional or not! Is this God that we serve amazing or what?! I know that if someone did to my son the things that were done to the Son of God - and the things that are STILL being done to Him - I surely wouldn't have an ounce of grace or mercy on that person and if you'll be honest I bet you wouldn't either - even if you only have pets not kids. But God (oh my favorite words) in His love says that it's His desire that none should perish, not one of us! Amazing.

I'm loving this journey thru Luke and I'm loving seeing the human side of Jesus. It gives me such encouragement as I face my daily battles which pale in comparison to His! I pray that you'll find a book in the Word and dive in. I've been tempted (see what I mean) to chicken out and grab a study book I have ready or a devotion book (not that there's ONE THING wrong with those), but I'm committing to read thru this book, and others, assisted only by the Holy Spirit's lead. Not that I would need anything else. So I hope you'll do the same and share with me what you're learning.