Monday, April 7, 2008

Empowered Church

So I know I said I likely wouldn't be blogging much but I had to pop on and tell you about church. We're having a conference this week and tonight we had 2 amazing speakers - very no I mean VERY different styles but both amazing!! First was Mac Brunson and ya'll he preached from 2 Tim 3. Yes, the very thing I blogged about last week. About not being the vanishing church in the times in which we live. About taking a stand on the Word, not on anything else, but preaching the Word, sharing the Word and doing it like it's all we have!! GOOD STUFF!!

Then Fred Luter spoke on surviving storms. Let me tell you that this man knows a thing or two about surviving a storm. He's the preacher at one of the biggest Southern Baptist church in New Orleans. His church was practically wiped out with Katrina. In fact, he says they only have about 20% of this population back even 2 yrs later. Amazing. Anyway, he said there were 3 things we need to remember when facing a storm - the Promises of Jesus, the Presence of Jesus and the Power of Jesus. His illustrations came from Mark 4 when Jesus promised to take the disciples to the other side of the lake but a storm came. Well all during his sermon I kept thinking of this family and praying for them. Won't you do the same?

I have faced some storms in my life - you have too and if you haven't yet - you will. Just know that when you remember the Promises, the Presence and the Power of Jesus and you are His, the best thing will happen.......Peace!! I'll be sure to let you know how things go tomorrow. Gotta hit the sack and get ready to sing in the morning!


Kim said...

Wasn't Bro. Fred incredible last night? You guys did an AWESOME job with the blended choir on Sunday night - it has been an incredible week of worship. I am so unhappy that we cannot make it tonight....we are going out of town.

Melissa said...

Love it girl! We are having us some church in our spring break and I would have it no other way! AMAZING preachin' and praisin' that just ain't even right! NOT EVEN! Love it that we can't stop talking about it!! LOVE IT! :)
love you!

Mindy said...

Hope your conference is awesome and God filled!
in HIM -