Monday, April 21, 2008

So pretty....

Ok, so I have to share what FINALLY happened yesterday.....

Yes my rose bush FINALLY bloomed!! It's got several more blooms on it, but this was the 1st and I just had to share it.

There's a story behind this bush. (I have a story for EVERYTHING!) I had the BEST job ever a couple of years ago - teaching preschool music!! It was a BLAST! I taught all the classes and the day care kids too so it wasn't the same kids day in and day out and each week we did something new. It was truly a blessing in my life! (Loved me some Liney, SJ, Madeline, Becca and Hope!!! ;-) )

So one of my sweet little girls gave me this rose bush at the end of the year. Her momma came to me and said that her daughter hadn't really shown any interest in music despite her best efforts to expose her to different things as a toddler. Mostly she would cry every time music came on - I know! Can't even imagine!! Anyway, when she first came to my class she would sit quietly in the corner, or even shut herself in my bathroom to keep away from it all. Then came instrument day!!! Oh yeah!! Out of the bathroom she came running and she NEVER looked back!

So this rose bush will go with me wherever I go. If I move, I'll be digging it up and taking it with me!! Every year when I see those blooms I think of that sweet little girl and the difference the Lord made in her life thru this donkey and it makes me smile!! Hope it makes you smile too!!!