Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The difference.

What a difference a week makes!! You may remember last week I posted a pic of one little bloom - the first of the season and look at it now!! This was shortly after a storm so they were kinda droopy, but still!! GORGEOUS!!
So in the last week not only did my roses open up, but so did I! The Lord opened some areas in my heart that had been closed and hidden. Some areas where I thought that surely the way I was going would work out. But oh the difference His rain/reign can bring. Not only to the beautiful roses in my yard but to the heart of His child!
He rained on me - it got a little stormy even - there were flickers of power where I tried to resist Him but ultimately I surrendered to His gentle touch and opened up and allowed His warmth to work in me, flow thru me. Now I pray that I can share as much beauty and joy as my roses have given to me!!
Is there something you're keeping closed off to Him? Some area that is comfortable, safe, even fun but He is asking you to open up and let it go. Trust me sisters, it's worth it!!


Melissa said...

It's so hard to open up and surrender, but when we finally do... OH NOW! The Lord is so good and He wants us to be so open and real before Him. I am thrilled at what He is doing in all of us!
PRAISE HIM! Somebody wants to say "There's a God in Heaven!"
;0) love ya!