Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh my word how I love His Word!!

What a week!! I'm "supposed" to be sitting in WV right now visiting with my family but God has other plans for me. After the end of our conference yesterday morning I came home, packed up the kids and headed north. Made it about 60 mi from home - just far enough to be a nuisance - and my car had a little stroke, or heart attack or at this point test are still being run to determine the prognosis! SIGH. So, with a van load of crying kids, crying/annoyed mom, video games, books, luggage, pillows and blankets there I sat....waiting.

My sweet, sweet friend Melissa and her man Steve came to my rescue. See, my love has a truck that physically will hold all of us but add in 3 pillows and blankets that would blow out the bed of the truck and all the Webkins and other various things too light for the bed....well it wasn't gonna happen. So Melissa and Steve gave up their quiet, relaxing evening at home to drive 60 miles up 77N to rescue my family. Is that a good friend or what?! Thanks again guys! I love you both!!

So during that time of waiting and between phone calls to my worried man and mother I got to spend some time processing all the Lord had spoken to me about during our conference. Several of my fellow "Grovers" have blogged about what the Lord spoke to them about thru the AWESOME pastors there, and I've given a few links if you'd like to read their recaps but the Lord wasn't quite finished with me. (as if He EVER will be til I get home!) He gave me a little down time yesterday to sit and process so many things He had spoken to me.

One of the biggest was the responsibility we have to stand on and to stay in the Word. Not just for our own knowledge, though that is important and vital, but for the next generation as well. Dr. Jim Shaddix was the keynote speaker who taught in the morning sessions and let me just tell you....I'm so glad I volunteered to sing. Sure it was hard getting up, getting my family up and dressed to go to church 4 days in a row at 7:00am each morning, but oh my lands the reward far outweighed the effort! I can't tell you how the Lord has used the conference to change my name....again! So many things. So much work to do. But here's the beauty of's not work at all. It's blessing. It's joy. It's life.

Several of the pastors spoke about facing trials and storms and this car thing and spring break being ruined for my kids is a small storm, but I will stand on all things working together for good and I will stand on His plans to prosper me and not bring me harm. I will not get wrapped up in the emotions of disappointment and fear over cost of repairs.... I will STAND! I will run the race and not grow faint! I will soar with the eagles! God is good y'all! He's good all the time! What else matters?


Becoming Me said...

I found your blog from Lisa Whittle site. That was a very inspiring post.

Kim said...

I am sorry to hear that your car suffered a stroke...or a light heart attack. I can remember heading home one 4th of July...and the radiator blowing up....after I sat on the side of the road and cried - I said to my hubby God is going to get us back home...We filled it with water, turned the heat on high to pull the heat off of the engine, rolled down all of the windows and made it back home! Wet with sweat but praising Him all the way! Enjoy the change of plans this week - who knows what the Lord protected you from. Only He does.

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

amen sister - just spoke on this a few weeks ago. Eph. 6 says to put on the armor and do what - STAND!! We have to stand to fight!! Armor up and FIght - standing!! Love it girl - just made me feel like i was there at the revival...

love you and glad you are safe. you can always count on Melissa!!!