Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Boating, poison ivy, doctors, oh my!

Check out my little man!!! Is he the cutest or what?!

The morning started with a lovely drive up to Queen's Landing for a cruise on the Catawba Queen with my 3rd grader. Can I just tell you how STINKIN' COLD it was?! Ridiculous! They divided up the classes and there will be a group going Thur. and Fri. when it's supposed to be like 77, but we get stuck going when it's like 50! Despite the cold my boy had a BLAST! I hadn't seen him smile that much in a LONG time! He's a bit on the introvert side and keeps his emotions TIGHT so to see that smile just made my heart melt despite the arctic blast coming off the lake.

So after our little excursion I race to the school to pick up #1 and #3 since our lovely school system won't let kids leave with their PARENTS we had to wait for #2 to arrive on the bus. (that just doesn't sound right does it? hahahaa) SPECIAL! Anyway, #1 starts telling me how bad he's feeling. He got into some poison ivy over the weekend and when he climbed into the car I could see that it had spread onto his face. YUK! So after I get #2 (LOL) we head off to the Dr. After some testing, lo and behold, it's not just poison ivy, but he also has STREP!!!!! Can you believe it?! We had his tonsils out in Kindergarten to keep this from happening (as much) and don't you know......STREP!! UNREAL! So not only is he itching like crazy, but now he has a fever - making the itching worse - and a headache and will likely share the love. UGH!! Luckily my Dr's ROCK and they said to call if anyone else got symptoms and they'd just call something in. They know I don't bring my kids in unless they're sick! Just not a freakin' out kinda mommy! (Most of the time anyway!)
So, that was the day's events. Nothing too spiritual to share today, but I will tell you this....God is good! We have insurance and we have money to pay for meds and copays so HE IS GOOD!!! Praise you Lord!!
Pray for my baby (though he'd not be happy about me calling him that in front of y'all - he's 10) and pray no one else in my house gets it! Thanks!!


Faith said...

Girl, I will be praying! There is not much I hate more than Strep.
I heard you on the radio this morning! Very cool!

Valarie said...

Yeah, it blew my mind when she quoted that Scripture and I just HAD to call in. I told her she didn't need to play it on the air, but she said, "You never know". Kinda embarassing, but it was the truth! Have a good one.