Monday, April 14, 2008


Does anyone else hate waiting? I mean, can I get an "Amen" or do I have to roll up my own?!! hahaha (little Roc Collins humor for ya!)

First I have to say that I've been battling with what to do next. I started reading thru Luke - no study guide - just me and the Word and I truly am loving it, but my ADD is needing some Holy Spirit Ritalin!! I've got a couple of study books just waiting for me to jump in but I believe the Lord sent me to Luke for a WORD! I've gotten several already so I know it's where I'm supposed to be and I'm only on the 4th chpt! Whew!

So anyway, waiting. I've got a few things I'm waiting for and I tell you I'd just about rather go have a mammogram then wait. The Lord is SERIOUSLY working with me. It seems the more I ask for patience, the more He grants me opportunities to practice! He's so good that way. (oh how I wish you could hear me say that instead of reading it because I promise it wasn't "said" as spiritual as it "reads" haha)

Where does He send me in Luke? 3rd chpt. Get out your Word and take a little gander at that chpt. Just skim it. I'll wait for ya.......ok. Do you see it? Doesn't it just look like it's BURSTING with wisdom and knowledge?! It's Jesus' genealogy for pete's sake! Ok, please know that I do believe that EVERY bit of Scripture is God-breathed, alive and active but a lineage? Well, that's where we went so I dug in. Right before the son of..son of...son of...part is Jesus' baptism. Now, here's where the Lord whopped me upside my thick skull.

Jesus could've begun His ministry at any point. I mean, He was Jesus. He could've started healing as an infant - ok well maybe a toddler - but work with me here. He definitely could've started at 12 when he was in the temple with the "teachers". Don't ya think? But what did Jesus do? He waited. He went home with his parents - worked as a carpenter with his stepdad Joseph and likely took care of his younger siblings after Joseph died. Can you imagine? Jesus changing his little brother's diapers?! Jesus?!! But that's just what he did. (well I don't know about diapers, but you get the point) He followed Jewish tradition and waited until the appropriate time. Not just Jewish tradition but He waited until His Father said "Let's go Son, it's time!" Don't you just imagine that Jesus was chompin' at the bit?! Can't you just imagine the conversations He had with God? "Today, is it today?" (not that He didn't already know)

So here I am waiting. Since I've been given the promise of being able to do all things thru Christ who gives me strength. I will wait. I will grow. I will endure. I'll try to practice what I've been asking for.


Nicki said...

This was so great Val! It seems as though so many of us are going "Ok, Lord, what's next?" and we are just waiting to hear his direction! I'm praying for you and I'm so thankful for your words today!!

HeatherMichelle said...

Goodness, goodness!! I am SOOOOOO kind of struggling with this "waiting" right now...
Good post/encouragement (as always!) :-)
Will e/m SOON!!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

oh girl - thank you!! In the wait I am knowing Him more and more!! I don't always love the wait, but right now it is nice........on certain hours if i am real honest. Hurry up and wait. hee hee No just wait and enjoy Him!! SO that when I am going I will know the One I enjoyed and am following!! Love you! Leigh

Melissa said...

WAITING IS SO HARD! UG! But being in His will is so worth it so... we wait, huh?
Can I just say that the Kirk Franklin song on your music list is KICKIN'??? Can I just say that? I mean I was reading, but really I was gettin' down girlfriend! OH MY WORD!