Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's been a while since I've taken the time to sit down and blog, but after my morning I knew I was gonna share this story! I'm going to warn you that if you think I've got it together you are going to be sadly disappointed in me, but if you're willing to hear this as one who messes up like the rest of us then read on....just tryin' to keep it real!
Alot has changed since I was last on here. We're fixing to move....still don't know where, but we are...and I started a part-time job. The Lord was faithful to provide it for me - though it wasn't something I really WANTED, it was something I really NEEDED to do during this time for my family! He was gracious enough to give me a Christian office and not just one of those feel good Christian offices, but I know the owner and he's a real, talk it and walk it Christian...fruit EVERYWHERE if you know what I mean. The in God's loving generosity to me He gave me a job that allows me to take my kids to school every day and pick them up - basically I work while they're in school. They're home...I'm home! God is good!
So back to this morning. My #2 child's grade level left today for their DC trip and we were just not in a financial place to let him go. When I woke him this am he went straight to the clock, looked at it and goes "Well mom, they're loading the bus for DC right now!" He was then very quiet on the way to school and asked if we could go visit my stepson this summer who lives very close to DC. By the time we got to school I was about to explode into tears, but I waited until he was out of the car.
As I drove home to get ready for work I proceeded to have myself quite the little hissy fit with God. I told Him how tired I was of this and of that, how I understood why people walk away from Him when it feels like He's not doing anything to help us. (AS IF!..ugh) Just sat in that car and pitched myself a good one. No response. No special little song on the radio to cheer me up. No Scripture brought to my mind to remind me who I am...who He is. NOTHING. Until....
I leave the house with #1 to take him to school (he goes later than #2 and #3). We're driving by this sweet little church with one of those electronic signs out front and they always have the best verses or sayings on there so I was sure to look as we drove by. What was there....."In your anger do not sin" Ps 4:4!!! OH YES IT WAS!!! I immediately start cracking up and apologizing to God for my behavior. Doesn't He just kill you?! Then I got to work and started making my calls and don't you know that for well over an hour EVERY call that placed me on hold either had Christian music playing or even a Pastor teaching!!!! I just sat there cracking up at how patient He is, how kind and loving He is, and yet how gentle - even in correction - He is!!!
Anyway, it ended up being a great day and when I picked up #2 today he goes "Mom I had a blast at school today and guess what....NO HOMEWORK this week!" So even if he's still a little sad about missing this trip, he's just as happy here with us AND he doesn't have to miss his guitar lesson! That's right, my little man is seeing that glass half full! Makes my heart skip a beat!