Monday, May 18, 2009

The Word is alive!

Before I jump into my title today, I'll do a little debriefing from my weekend. My sweet nephew JR graduated from High school Saturday so the kids and I loaded up and went to WV. It was a super quick trip - left Friday, came back Saturday - but it was well worth it. Jay graduated from a small Christian school and they allowed each graduate to speak. (yeah, it was that small) My sweet nephew has been thru so much in his life - losing his dad a few years ago - and he has always been a very caring and compassionate person. His speech left the entire room in tears - even the Principal was seen wiping a few tears away. He's an amazing boy who is totally sold out to Jesus and I know the Lord is gonna do great things with him! I love you Jaybir and I'm so very proud to be your Aunt "Wal"! (think wow) lol
So this past week has been busy, busy for me. The STMM team has really been picking up and we're in the process of creating a prayer team - in fact it's about ready to roll! So we've been taking prayer requests and have been praying over them. Here's where things get good! I read the first request that came in and the Lord took me to Isaiah to share some Scripture with this sweet sister. I did. Then I read the second request. I began searching thru Scripture and asking the Lord for something to share, but the Lord sent me right back to the same verse! I just love that! I mean, here were 2 women with 2 very different requests and yet, the same verse was alive for both of them! I then poured thru all the requests that came that day and as I read each one I just sat there having me some church right at my computer desk! You guessed it, the same Scripture applied to each and every situation!!!! The Word is alive y'all! If you don't believe me, just dig in and see for yourself - I dare you!!!


Melissa said...

He's so amazing like that! Love you girl! Thanks for being faithful!!