Monday, June 8, 2009

Our weekend!

This weekend was a TOTAL blast for my family! First "One Voice" sang at the World Outback Missions Festival then we loaded up the Smith girls and headed to the pond to fish. Here's a few pics from the fun we had.

Maddie's first fish - not too close Jimmy! LOL
Here she is reeling in the "big catch"!
Josh caught a few as well.
Sheldon was certainly not to be outdone.
Here's all us girls singin'!
Note Beth left her mic to go cut the rug! LOL
Praisin' in a stable!
Yes, Liney was the only fan we had that day! LOL

It really was a great weekend and we had EXCELLENT weather. We called this the "One Voice Outback World Tour"! LOL Seriously though we were honored to be a part of the day and we got some praise on too! Hopefully those listening enjoyed it as well.


Melissa said...

SOO fun singing in a stable. And the pics have now encouraged me to get on a serious weight loss program. Oh my word! Love the pics of the fish too. How funny!! Girls are so girly! hee hee!