Monday, January 30, 2012


Sometimes we need a little perspective - don't you think?  Like we need to see things from a different angle, through someone else's eyes, etc.  For instance, there was one of those crazy pictures on Facebook that had something in it that totally freaked everyone out but you had to kind of take a good long look to see it.  Once you saw the thing though, your view of the picture was NEVER the same!  It reminded me of how the Lord works.

Sometimes He gives us glimpses of situations or people just how He sees them.  Sometimes though, He has to shove our faces up close to the thing to get our attention - at least He does with me.  He only does it because He has something planned for me, something that will make me more like His Son.  THAT is the truth.

Lately, my perspective has been a little foggy.  The Lord has some areas in me that need some remodeling and the Great Designer has been busy moving things around, shaking them up, changing my perspective.  He's done it with the gentle pressure of a Master Craftsman, but the work is being done for sure!  The awesome thing about all this work is that my perspective will NEVER be the same! 

One perspective the Lord has blessed me with recently is how fleeting the time with my kids is becoming.  My oldest starts High school next year.  HIGH SCHOOL!!! Ugh!!  This hasn't been an exceptionally fun season - as I'm sure any parent of a teenager would agree - but the Lord reminded me to slow down, to lighten up a bit and to remember these babies that He has entrusted me with are not my own!  They were bought with a price!  They belong to Him!  So I'm doing my best to change THAT perspective as well - look at that thing from a different angle - and asking the Lord to remind me that they will NEVER be this way again!! (ok a little sniff on that one!)


Melissa said...

It is so hard sometimes in the middle of all of their attitudes and eye rolling... but you are right! We are not going to pass this way again so we DO have to gain some perspective. Thanks for the reminder! I love ya!