Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jehovah Jireh....always!

I'm sure if I look back through all of my blog posts I would see so many titles similar to this one!  That's because Jehovah Jireh continues to provide!!  Today, I loaded my boys onto a bus bound for Pittsburgh, PA for their first mission trip and my Jehovah Jireh made it possible for them to go!!  He is good and He is faithful!  See, short of His Hand, there would've been no way possible for them to go.  When I say no way, I mean NO WAY!  Our budget has always been tight, but lately the squeeze seems to be smothering.  But God, just showed up and showed off for them - AGAIN!! 

My prayer for them this week is that they will see the Hand of God so clearly at work in and thru them.  It was strange because I usually am so nervous to send them away, whenever they're with someone other than me, but this morning, I was filled with His peace.  His peace that passes all understanding!!  I hugged their necks, snuck a quick kiss on their cheeks (don't tell them I told) and sent them off!  There were tears, but mostly because I wasn't able to go with them this time, not because I was afraid or worried.  THAT's nothing short of His Hand as well.  If I've been called anything it's been over-protective, but when it comes to work that has the potential to change someone's eternity - that's a no-brainer!  God's got them!!  Who am I to stand in His way?

So, I'll ask if when you read this you will pray - either for their trip if it's still happening now - or pray for their future.  I KNOW that one of my boys is going to be in full time ministry so I ask you to pray for their protection.  Not from threat or danger, but from the attacks of the enemy to distract them from God's call on their life!!  Thanks so much!!  Jehovah Jireh will provide......