Monday, January 29, 2007

My weekend on the "Mountain"

As I sit here and try to put into words what my weekend was like I thought the best way to share it with you would be to share a few captions from my journal.

"Lord, thank you for reminding me this day that what you want most of all is talk to me thru Your Word. Relationships require two-way communication and I'm sorry for doing most of the talking. You know I'm good at that. Forgive me for not taking more time to be still in your Word. Speak Lord. I'm here. I'm quiet. I'm ready to shut up and listen."

"Lord I want to abide in the Holy Place. I want to feel your breath on my face and know that every decision I make is from You. Thank you that that's exactly what You want for me. I love you Lord. Thank you for your faithfulness and calling me into the Holy Place."

"Lord I see how intimate you were with Moses and yet you sent your Holy Spirit to dwell in me to be just as intimate. Thank you. Lord I sometimes tend to be like Joshua and want to just linger in your Presence. To not leave a "tent of meeting" when I feel You there. Help me remember that You go with me everywhere. Your Spirit isn't just in a certain place but alive in ME! Thank you Lord."

"Father I don't ever want to settle for the courtyard again. My kids can't afford for me to be there! I never want to go back! If even one foot goes there convict me immediately so I won't start to dwell there! I don't wanna be with the chickens! I want to soar with the eagles! Thank You Lord!! Thank You!!"

"Lord I can't thank you enough for this retreat. Thank you for changing my name. Thank you for reminding me to approach the Holy of Holies with a pure heart and clean hands. Thank you for being my sacrifice. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Jesus."

God is so good. He reveals Himself to us just so we can crawl up in His lap and let Him be our Abba Daddy! I pray that anyone who reads this knows Him and knows that you are His princess. He is enthralled with your beauty! He rejoices over you with singing! Imagine that! The Creator loves you that much! Wow! Thanks for listening and I pray if you don't know my Daddy you'll contact me so that I can introduce you to Him. He'll change your whole life!