Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well, here we go. This is my first attempt at this so, please be patient. I've been encouraged by some friends to start blogging and share my life with you. Why, you ask? Well, I'm still asking myself that question. The only thing I can say is that I love the Lord, I love my family and I love people! I especially love making people laugh! I hope that in sharing some of myself and the things the Lord has done and is continuing to do in my life that it will make you want to know Him - if you don't - be closer to Him if you do, and make you laugh. Mercy knows my life is quite comical.

I'll start with where I am with the Lord right now. We've been thru a lot together, my Jesus and I, and yet he still - after all these years - "is enthralled by my beauty"! Does that totally blow your mind? It does mine - especially since I'm not so sure of my own beauty at times. Yet, the Creator of the heavens and the earth is entralled by me. And He's enthralled by you! AMAZING, don't ya think? Before He spoke "Let there be light" he was looking to June of 1968 and just wringing His holy hands in anticipation of my birth! If you don't have the slightest clue what I'm talking about, please don't let another minute go by without finding out! He's waiting for you. He's been there, He's been trying to get your attention and my prayer is that you'll contact me or some other Christian you know and find out more! My greatest joy is sharing Jesus with anyone who will listen!

I do have some other joys as well. My soul mate Jimmy. Let me try to introduce you to the most incredible man alive! He's my mate, my partner, my lover and one SERIOUSLY HOT DRUMMER!!!! He serves the Lord with His whole heart and takes care of me in ways that would make any woman jealous! heehee He helps with laundry, cleaning the kitchen, sweeping, mopping, taking the trash, caring for kids! Yes, He's SUPERDAD! You see, I have lupus and Jimmy does all he can to help me around the house so I can move every day. I've had so many girfriends tell me how they can't get their husband's to lift a finger for them and I offer as much sympathy as I can muster up, but I can't relate - AT ALL! Since the day we married he has done all he can to help! I love him more than there are words for! (Can you tell my love language?) haha

The other joys in my life are wrapped up in 3 active, funny, sweet, sometimes annoying little ones! Chase, 9, is the ring leader! He's creative, funny, talkative, artistic, enthusiastic and cracks his mom up on a daily basis. He loves art and reading. Yes, he's gonna be an "artsy type" I believe, which is JUST FINE with me!

Joshua, 7, is my middle man! He's sweet, charming, compassionate and full of energy! He loves to be outside riding bikes, scooters, climbing trees, playing with dogs - he's an adventure boy. Every day is an adventure with Josh. He's much quieter than his big brother but can come up with one liners that just kill me! For instance, at Christmas, I don't put any presents under the tree til Christmas Eve. We don't do the whole Santa thing - we don't knock it either - but just for the sake of re-wrapping I don't put them out. Anyway, about a week before he walks up to the tree, bends down and looks at the "space", looks over at the countdown calendar and says, "A week til Christmas, looks like you better get yourself busy, mom!" and turns and walks away! TOO FUNNY!

Last there's my sweetum's baby girl, Kayley, 4. The Lord brought me this bundle of sunshine after I had lost a baby to an ectopic pregnancy, bled out and nearly went home with Him. I found out I was pregnant shortly after 9/11, as did many of us, and little did I know what healing power the Lord would give thru a child. Not only were we as a nation going thru so much, then my best friend who was pregnant at EXACTLY the same time (our due dates were 2 days apart) tragically lost her baby boy at about 15-18 weeks, then 6 months into my pregnancy my dad had a seizure at work and within 2 weeks we learned he had terminal brain cancer. He only got to spend 5 months here with Kayley before he went to be with Jesus. So, my "sunshine girl" as I call her has brought me so much joy and happiness thru such dark times. Don't you just love it when God does that? He knows how much we hurt and He always gives us what we need.

I promise not all my blogs will be this lengthy, ya know I probably shouldn't make that promise, but I'll do my best. Right now I'm doing an online study with Beth Moore thru Nehemiah as well as her "Breaking Free" bible study. I'm leaving tomorrow morning to go on a ladies prayer retreat for the weekend and we've been doing "Prayer Portions" going thru Scriptures to see where we are with the Lord. It's been quit a purging time for me! Very convicting! I've been getting rid of stuff that I had pushed down so deep I really had forgotten it was even there. In fact, I've been purging so much that my face is a wreck! Kayley keeps saying "Momma, you have a zip"! haha I'm really anxious to see how the Lord works thru this.

My weight is something I've always battled. Last year I lost 50lbs and I've kept all but about 15 of it off. Going thru this stuff these last weeks has made me feel about 50 more lbs lighter though. God is good and I know He'll help me get what I've gained back off and the other 20 I need to lose before July. You see, there are 2 other joys in my life. They're my step kids JV and Cassie. JV is graduating in May from Seminary - yes my stepson is gonna be a preacher! Still blows my mind!! He graduates in May and then he's getting married in July! (hence the weight loss) My stepdaughter Cassie is gonna be sweet 16 in May and is a sweet, caring girl! She's a cheerleader and does great in school. They both are so much fun and it's cool watching them grow and being a part of their lives. Goodness knows I LOVE their daddy, so I love them too!!

Ok, well I think that's quite enough for my first post, don't you? I'm not sure how often I'll be posting, but it's a start. Hopefully, by me sharing my life and what the Lord's done/is doing in it you can learn and grow and come to meet Him. He's worth it! He's the only thing that is! Thanks for stopping by and for listening.


Leigh Gray said...

You did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah - i am so excited.

DO you know what Feedblitz is???

You got to get it. It is free and very convenient for your readers.

Just look it up and see if you can do it.

Love you girl and am excited to stay connected.