Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sweet Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to my sweet little man, Josh!! This is the 1st chance I've had all day to sit and post anything, but wanted to share a pic with you of my big 9 year old!! He's gettin' ready for bed and shot me a big cheese for the night! Such a sweet guy, I mean, he is a boy so he has his moments, but all in all an amazingly caring, loving child.

It's funny how God works, wouldn't you agree? Josh was not a "planned" pregnancy (is there EVER really such a thing). His brother Chase had just celebrated his 1st birthday when I found out I was pregnant - AGAIN. I'd had some trouble with the pill I had been on after re-starting it so we had changed about 4 months earlier and didn't work. :-) Anyway, I remember kinda freakin' out about being pregnant again and having 2 little ones so close in age. Then my mom says to me "You never know what God has in store for this baby, Val. Just trust Him." So I did. I let go of the anxiety - well, most of it (haha) - and have had an absolute blast with Josh ever since.
Chase is my class clown. He's the oldest and his personality is a lot like mine. We're both goofy and we'll do just about anything for a laugh. Josh, however, is more reserved, a little shy even but when he cuts loose - he cuts it ALL loose!! We'll be riding in the car, or sitting together reading, or snuggling to watch some TV (yes, he's a cuddlebug and would DIE if he knew I was telling that - sorry Josh) and he'll come up with one liners that just blow me away!

So, today I thank God for my precious Josh. I thank God for the kind, caring, sensitive young man he's turning into. I pray that the Lord will protect, guide and use him in a MIGHTY way for His Kingdom. Joshua, I love you with all my heart. I'm so proud of you and I just can't wait to see how the Lord uses you as you grow. I'm so thankful that of all the Mommy's in the world He chose me to be YOURS!! I love you. Happy Birthday!!!!

(Just a little side note here. The small pillow in the corner behind Josh used to be a shirt that belonged to my dad. Josh picked out that shirt because he remembered my dad wearing it when they were outside working in the yard together! Don't you love that?! Just thought I'd share that with ya!)


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Happy birthday a few days late!! Love that pillow!! SOOOO sweet!!

Mindy said...

Happy birthday to your boy!
He shares a birthday with my M.!