Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.....

Well I certainly hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving. Mine was GREAT!

I'm slammed the next two weeks with our children's Christmas program this weekend - which I'm the "stage manager" and my oldest has the lead and my other 2 babies are in so it's a busy week getting ready for that! THEN next week is the adult program on Sat and Sun so it's pure-T madness in the Elswick plantation. PLUS Chase has a trip to DC coming up in Feb and they've picked THIS weekend to have a big fundraiser for the event. Now, y'all know we are po - can't even afford the or - so we're trying to participate in that as well. WHEW!

Anyway, not much blogging this week but did wanna share this........

Yes that's my baby girl getting baptized and my Josh waiting his turn! God is good!!!!

Pray for my sanity this week and for my kids to stay well! Thanks.


Melissa said...

What a sweet picture and what a sweet time! I am so thrilled that we got to see all of you up there making such a statement as a family! I love you guys and I am just so happy for you and your little ones!
Love you!

Faith said...

What a special night that was! So precious!!