Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thankful week comes to an end.....

Well as you can see I didn't get to make a list each day so I'll wind up this Thanksgiving week with a few more things I'm thankful for.

1. A God who gives second, third and 347,000th chances!!!

2. A Love that would send His Son to a cross.

3. A Plan to get my sorry self to heaven!

4. An opportunity to tell anyone who will listen about how good God REALLY is.

5. Laughter. I think it IS the BEST medicine!!!

6. Safe travels on snowy, wet roads! Thank you Jesus!

7. New opportunities in a hectic schedule. Show Yourself STRONG Jesus!

8. People willing to help others that they don't know.

9. Socks. Yes, I'm thankful for socks.

10. My family. Even the ones who got on my nerves this week - and you know who you are! hahahaha

Hope you had a great week being thankful!


Ginger said...

Hi Val,

I came across your blog while reading Speaking Thru Me! Your blog is beautiful. I especially love your thankful thoughts!

By the way, I too am from Charlotte!

Ginger :)