Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God is.......

Funny that I had several titles initially. God is still on the Throne. God is still in control. But each time I kept coming back to "God is' and it's enough! He is enough! My hope is not in ANY candidate. My hope is in God ALONE! He is....

I'm dreading turning on the TV this morning. In fact, I've only had it on long enough to get the temperature and back off it went. I think it'll stay off today and I'll just have some praise music on.

I got a phone call from my man asking me to pray for him today because he's got some VERY strong personalities at his new job who are quite vocal about their stance during this election and this morning it was at a fever pitch. Almost becoming aggressive. One guy even said something about Christians being nothing more than stupid people who are brainwashed by our parents. Funny thing is, Jimmy doesn't share his parent's beliefs so this guy couldn't be more wrong! Anyway, THIS is what makes me dread the news. No matter who would've won, THIS is the position we are in as a country. We're really not all that free. If Jimmy takes a stand and speaks his mind in his workplace he will not only be verbally (maybe even physically) abused by co-workers, but his employer has come into the room during such conversations and told them to drop it - thus silencing our right to free speech. OK, I really need to just stop it! I'm just prayin' for my man to make it thru THIS day, then I'll pray for tomorrow and the days to follow. (all this happened before 7:30 people!)

So then I come home, open my "God Calling" and immediately called Jimmy back. I had told him when we were talking earlier that this may be the PERFECT opportunity for him to really be a witness to this guy who obviously has had some serious problems with someone claiming to be a Christian in his life. Jimmy knew this, but then God sent a "follow-up" confirmation. Listen to this...."If each lived for Me, by Me, in Me, allowing Me to live in him, to use him to express the Divine through him, as I expressed it when on earth, then long ago the world would have been drawn to Me, and I should have come to claim My own. So seek, My children, to live, knowing no other desire but to express Me, and to show My Love to your world." WOW! This is my prayer, not just for Jimmy and for myself, but for each of us as the coming days are going to be filled with potential moments to shine for Jesus!!!



the voice of melody said...

What a great post! I don't have co-workers but I can understand how difficult it might be if I did. I would want to stand by my principles as a Christian and some people might resent that.

Let our hope continue to rest in our Savior.

Many sweet blessings!