Monday, November 10, 2008

B I G N E W S!!!!!!!!!!

Ok wow, I'm so overwhelmed with gratitude right now I can hardly speak! (or type - haha) This weekend was very busy and isn't over just yet. Friday and Saturday we had the National Apologetics Conf. at our church and my man had to play (and I had to be the groupie! haha). We were blessed to get to hear men like Chuck Colson, Josh McDowell, Lee Stroebel and James Dobson - to name a few. Then last night and again this morning Josh McDowell did his "Face to Face" and "True Love Waits" seminar for our church - GOOD stuff! Wow - does anyone have a chastity belt? Surely we can get them online? teeheee

So, like I said, busy. Then in a few hours my man and I are getting on a church bus - yes I said bus - and going to Greensboro to sing/play at the NC Southern Baptist Conv. this evening. UGH. Actually, I'm looking forward to it - not the ride - but the singing part. So, are you wondering what this has to do with BIG NEWS? Well, I'm getting to that.

Josh McDowell did his "Face to Face" message at our church last night (I have to tell you that I every time I type church it turns out chruch and I have to keep going back and fixing it - LOL) and since it's not a message appropriate for kids they had a little "children's church" down in the gym. Now to hear it told, it was GREAT fun. Music, dancing, ventriloquist/magician, FUN! Well, the ventriloquist ends up presenting the gospel and over 30 - yes I said 30 - kids prayed to receive Christ last night. These were 1st - 5th graders!!! YAY!!!! Big news, right? Well, it gets even better!! 2 of those kids were MINE!!!!!!!!!! YAY GOD!!!!! Josh and Kayley both accepted Christ!!! They both have been right on the border - especially Josh - asking all the right questions, etc but last night was their night! The cool thing for me was that they weren't together either so it's not like she was just following big brother!! YAY!!! Be still my Momma heart!!!
So, I gotta run, but just wanted to give a big ole' shout out to my Jesus for whispering to my babies and calling them home!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Y'all have a good one. Gotta go get ready for the bus! hahaha Love to ya!

PS Had to pop on and tell you my spellchecker is lit up like a Christmas tree with all these YAY's!!!! LOL!!! Made me laugh!!!


Mandy said...

Val - Kev told me last night when we got home - Praise the Lord! So happy for your family... The Holy Spirit was at work this week - Lindsay's daughter Alyssa also accepted Christ earlier in the week at home! Can't wait to see all the little ones baptized!

Melissa said...

OH! I know you are just beside yourself! I am SO very happy for you and your family! The angels are rejoicing and so are we!! :)

Faith said...

Valarie, that is WONDERFUL! Praise the Lord!!!!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

That is soooooo awesome! Loved to hear this!

Susan said...

Wow - my 6yr old was there too. I almost wanted to stay with the kids too - very cool.

The session with Josh was great - very inspiring. We have a wonderful 14 yr old daughter and there's times when I really don't know what to say. But God can speak to her - I'm so glad she wanted to go to Planet Wisdom.

Have a great week.
Susan (from north campus)

JenB said...

Yay, Val! That's awesome! Give them a hug from me----ok maybe Josh won't appreciate it, so just Kayley then!

Amy E. said...

What great news!!
Praising with you....
Amy :)