Saturday, January 3, 2009

Here we go......

**Update - as I read this post I realized there were a lot of "wow"'s in it. Sorry about that! haha

Is anyone else finding it hard to comprehend that we're kicking off a new year? Wow. I remember as a kid hearing my parents talk about how the time just seemed to be flying by and thinking how dumb that sounded to me. (sorry but I'm just being honest) Now I realize that I was the dumb one! haha The time is flying.
As I'm preparing for the new year, the many changes that I know are inevitable, I find myself anxious. Not anxious as in worried but anxious as in Christmas Eve! More anticipating, I guess. I've jumped into the pool of teaching High School Sunday school and it has been AMAZING! Each week I look into the faces of these beautiful girls and think of the possibilities and pray for their hearts to be just WILD about Jesus and for the most part I believe He's given me a group of girls who are. But in reality, I'm the one who walks away learning more and more from them. The things they face. Their battles. WOW. That's all I can say. Come quickly Lord Jesus.
But I'm also anticipating leading a Bible study in a few weeks for our Women's Ministry. It's Beth Moore's Esther study and as I've been previewing it, all I can say is HOLD ON TIGHT! WOW!! If you are able to come on Wed mornings from 9:30 to 11:30am (childcare is provided) PLEASE come. Not at all because of me, but because the Lord has something for you and I'd love to be standing there when you receive it!
Also, the Lord is preparing me for a mission trip this year. I thought for a long time it was going to be Chile - and it still may be - but all I know is, I'm ready. He's calling and I'm ready to go. Not quite packed yet, but ready. teehee Who knows, it may be that I don't go anywhere, but just that He wants me to be ready. Either way is fine with me.
Another big change is my oldest starts Middle School in the fall and that makes me just about need to barf! I had someone (a kid) say to me "Don't worry Ms. Val, the threat of guns doesn't really start til about 8th grade." WHAT?! Are you kidding me?! So, I don't have any idea what the Lord will do in THIS area of my life and though it scares the bajeebers (spellcheck loves that one! haha) out of me to say this, I'm willing to do whatever He asks. (oh land sakes!) All I know is that I trust God more than I trust myself or anyone else with the care of my kids and I know that His plans for them are for their benefit, I just don't want to get in His way so I'll do what He asks. UGH.
So here we go. 2009. What will it bring? What will change? What blessings will it hold and what disappointments? Are you as excited as I am? WOOOHOOOOOOO! Here we go........


JenB said...

WOW, Val! haha
That gun comment would have sent me over the edge! Hey, I didn't know you were leading the Esther study---cool!
Happy New Year! (lots of exclamation points!!)

Melissa said...

I'm praying for you as you walk in obedience girl. You press on and the Lord will walk you all through middle school! :)