Saturday, January 10, 2009


Have you ever been torn between two decisions? Ever felt like the Lord could be calling you in either direction but you need some CLEAR guidance - like a burning bush?! I've kinda been feeling that lately. Not major, life-altering decisions (well one is) but decisions still the same. The funny thing is, I see it happening with a TON of my friends as well. I've had at least 4 conversations with 4 different people this week who have all said the EXACT same thing.
One of my sweet friends told me "Every calling is a good calling, but not every calling is YOURS". So true. I'm one of these spoon in every pot kinda girls and I realize that isn't where God wants me, but it's my personality and it's sometimes hard for me to let go of things. Can anyone else relate? UGH.
I think it's no small coincidence that God has me in Esther. That I'm leading a study called "It's Tough Being a Woman". Can I get an amen on that one? So as I've been having these emotions and feeling a bit torn about where EXACTLY I'm to be serving the Lord sends me a big ole' hug thru my Sweet Honey Butter Roll Donna! She reminded me from Eph 6 that not only am I to put on the full armor, but what do I do once I'm armored up and ready for battle? I'm to STAND and pray. Not fight. Not charge ahead full steam. Not go in like gang busters and change things but STAND.... Oh does anyone else have a hard time with that one?
I love how the Lord works. That's what He does. He works. If we'll get out of His way, He'll work. I love that. Anyway, that's my thought for this day. Tune in tomorrow 'cause I'm sure it'll be something TOTALLY different like, "Why am I serving in this ministry? That's it! I quit!" hahaha