Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This year as we're reading thru the Bible one picture that has been painted so perfectly - so beautifully to me once again is that of God's great mercy.  The mercy He's shown to those in His Word and the mercy He's shown to me in my life! 

So far this week we've been reading about Joseph.  I love Joseph's story because it's a promise of the Providence of God.  I had never truly understood God's Providence until several years ago when I studied Esther.  I mean, I knew of it, I had even seen it in my own life, but once I truly dug into the Word - dug beyond the superficial-ness of Bible reading I saw God working ALL THINGS together for the good of His people.  Joseph is another great story of God's Sovereignty. 

God took what Joseph's brother's intended as harm and turned it into not only something for Joseph's good, but something for the good of all of Egypt!  Now, God hasn't done anything so big as to save a nation thru me, but I can tell you some of the things He has done for me!  Here's one example - before I was married I lived in Florida and I LOVED it - I mean LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it!!  I was involved in a Christian singles group, living with a family who I adored and who had opened their hearts and their home to me.  I had a nice job and was doing ok for myself.  Then all of a sudden, God spoke to me and He told me it's time to get back to WV......I didn't want to!  In fact, I told him no for a long time!  But God persisted...he wouldn't off I went.  With tears in my eyes, I packed my little grey Chevy Cavalier and drove north.

So I get back to WV, things are not so great between my parents and I, but I meet a good guy.  We dated for almost a year, but deep down he was just a distraction because I knew he wasn't what the Lord had in store for my life.  I broke up with him - which didn't go well (that's a whole other blog) - then a girl I worked with decides she needs to introduce me to a guy, a divorced guy with 2 kids.  Yeah right.  So I agree just to shut her up!  Little did I know, the night she introduced us was God's Providence working in my life!

I met my husband that night!!  I saw God's plan work.  Now I can look back and see that His prodding when I lived in Florida was His design for me to meet my mate!  PROVIDENCE!  Love how He showed me mercy by sending me my man!!


Melissa said...

and YAY that He did and YAY that you are here! Love you!