Monday, December 10, 2007

God's calling...again

Ya'll, I'm sure you are just about sick and tired of hearing about my "God Calling" book, but I just about can't hardly help myself! It blows my ever-lovin' mind that the Creator of the Universe. The one who spoke the worlds into existance can speak to ME every stinkin' day, as long as I take the time to hear it! BLOWS MY MIND I TELL YA!!!!

Ok, let me tell you about the CCE. It was busy, crowded and just WONDERFUL! My kids sang this year and this was the 1st time I had all 3 of them in the program and it did this momma's heart proud to see them up there saying this wasn't "Just Another Holiday"! Land sakes, I get misty just typin about it! There was a TON of "community" folks there and not so much our regular church crowd - which is the WHOLE POINT!!!! It was just great to see so many new faces and so many people stopped to tell me how much they enjoyed it and how great it was that our church would reach out to the community and to smaller churches who can't "budget" that kind of event. AWESOME, GOD work this weekend!! LOVE it!

Now, to this morning. Needless to say, I'm TOTALLY exhausted! I mean, after my kids went to school - 30 minutes late - Jimmy and I went back to sleep for another hour! He didn't have to go to work til 1 today so we just took it easy this morning. But before that I opened up my "God Calling" and what was the topic for today "The Quiet Time". It was talking about simply resting in God. That sometimes God just wants us to come to Him, to sit and be quiet. Sometimes He's quiet too and it doesn't mean there's a problem - it's just that He wants us quiet and secure in His Presence - just to be with Him.

So, I got out my Sword, opened it up and went to Hebrews 4. The beginning of this chapter is about rest. It's about resting in obedience to God and about those that will refuse to rest in their disobedience. Then I found it no small coincidence that smack in the middle of that chapter lies a gem about the Word of God being alive and active. Resting isn't laziness. Resting is quietness of spirit allowing the "double-edged sword" to penetrate, divide and judge. That blows my mind! Sure, at times we need physical rest, but more often than not, what we need is some rest of spirit after some work of the living, active, Sword of God's Word! Spend some time in it today, sista's! IT WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!!!


Lucy said...

Do you have a clue?!? Do you have a clue how often God uses you to feed me? If you ever wonder whether or not God uses you, ask me and I'll tell you. Because I teach the elementary school kid's Sunday school class, I don't get to go to my own Sunday school class and I miss it. You are my Sunday school class.

Love you, girl!!!

Valarie said...

All I can tell ya is it's ALL HIM!!! Half the time I don't really even know what I'm gonna say when I sit down here. He just pulls it out of me. I'm glad to know He's speaking! I love ya girl!