Thursday, December 6, 2007


Good morning. Just a couple of quick updates. My friend whose wife is in the hospital in another country is stable - she had a minor procedure done (how scary is that?) and is going to be able to come home with the team instead of being Medijet'd back. (How's that grammar workin' for ya? haha) Thanks for your prayers.

Also, my friends who are battling colds are hangin' in! GOD IS GOOD!

I'm doing better and not freakin' out like I was earlier this week. We had some "bumps" with my group that's singing, but God was/is BIGGER and everything is good! I'm excited for the weekend, though it's gonna be busy! My prayer is that LOST people will come and meet Jesus there. That they will see Him in those of us who are working for Him. That we will show them something that they will WANT and not something they want to get away from!! I'm anxiously waiting for Him to show up and show off!!!!


Lucy said...

Just because I haven't mentioned that video of you singing in a while doesn't mean I've forgotten......or will : )

Melissa said...

See??? He is bigger and He is working and He will do a work this weekend! Can't wait to see His amazing hand! No stressing! We are busy, but no stressin'! He is bigger than stress! ha!