Friday, December 14, 2007

S U R P R I S E!!!!!

Do you like surprises or are you one of those "need to know" people? I think I fall smack in the middle! Most times I'm a need to know kinda gal, but an occasional surprise get my juices flowing! I love the rush of being surprised but I also love the rush of anticipation for anothers' surprise. What I don't enjoy is pretending to be surprised when I know what's coming! As my Chase says "Awkward!"

In my life there's been lots of GREAT surprises - 2 of which I call Joshua and Kayley! haha There's also been some HORRIFIC surprises (but we're not gonna talk about those today) In this holiday season there's a lot of surprises. Anticipation of what's in that GINORMOUS box under the tree (not that there's ANYTHING under my tree - but you get the idea), the wonder of who may come to visit, the anticipation of watching someone you love open that SPECIAL gift! Surprises! Last night I had one of the sweet joy's of anticipation for my sweet Josh. His school "WINTER" program (don't get me started with the political correctness) was last night and Josh had a small speaking part. He's been so excited to be chosen. I've been so excited for him because of all my kids, he's the shy one! As we're in the car on the way there I asked him if he wanted to go over the lines one more time and he said, "No, mom, I'm good, but I do have the butterflies." My momma heart skipped a beat!! As a "performer" it just made my heart sing to know my baby had the jitters! Is that bizarre or what? I almost started crying! haha I did reassure him that he would do great and then prayed for him when we got to the parking lot. (He would DIE if I did it in front of anyone! haha)

I'm also sitting on a few surprises for others in my family. Not just gifts but other things! NO I'M NOT PREGNANT!!! Like I said before - HORRIFIC surprise! haha I've just got a few things planned that are hopefully going to make this season special.

So as I think about the surprises of life, the good and the bad, I'm so glad to know that as I place my trust in Christ I don't HAVE to be anxious (although I admit that I fail there sometimes). Also that are things I can anticipate! I anticipate the day my Josh and Kayley ask Jesus in their hearts. I anticipate the day my brother and my oldest sister start walking with Jesus EVERY day! I anticipate Christs' return! The ULTIMATE surprise for all believers!!!!!!!! Can you hardly wait for that day? I mean looking into Jesus' face?! I don't think this will really happen, but go with me for the purpose of my topic today - the day Christ calls "SURPRISE" to His bride!! OH I CAN HARDLY STAND THE ANTICIPATION OF IT!!!!! My prayer is you and yours and mine too are ready!!!


Kim said...

Got that book as a gift the other day and it is a treasure! Great to see you the other day - stop by anytime. :)