Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well my schedule is whacked out lately so I just wanted to pop on and share a God stop with you. If you've never heard of God stop you need to do a Beth Moore study! hahaha Anyway, it's a moment in time when you realize God is specifically speaking to you, He's answering a specific prayer or just sending you a hug.

So, for the next few weeks I'm gonna make it a point to give God some glory with this blog and share some of my God stops with you! For instance, I sent the call out for you to email me some changes and you were faithful! Thanks so much for the great responses. I have to tell you that I read that at different times during the week as I was preparing my lesson but it wasn't until Saturday that the Lord spoke right to me thru your responses. He completely changed the direction I was heading with the lesson and He showed me how He wanted me to use your testimonies. I had 4 points to get across (like a good little Southern Baptist - haha) and don't you know that every one of the testimonies I received fit EXACTLY with the points! I mean, I know it was God's Hand because they were PERFECT! Like if you were reading a novel and they went right with the plot! Isn't that just like God?! Using our lives to tell His-tory!! LOVE IT!! That was one of my God stops from the past week.

What about you? Any you'd like to share? Let me know. He's speaking. Are you watching and waiting?