Friday, September 12, 2008

What are we all so angry about?

I've been a tad under the weather which has allowed for WAY too much time in front of the TV today. UGH. I just have a question. What are we all so angry about? I don't watch too much junk, but between a couple of talk shows, a few news channels and even the weather channel for goodness sake, people are angry.

They're angry about politics. They're angry about politicians. They're angry about the English language and how it's used. They're angry about religion. They're angry about the stinkin' weather. Whew. I've been there, ya know. I am there at times. I know that when you get your 15 seconds on TV you're gonna tend to be the most passionate during that time, and I like to think that when they get home and see the tape they're going "Man, I really should've stayed calm" - at least that's what I'm telling myself. teehee It really has bothered me today though.

I've been praying for peace. I don't mean that to sound like a beauty pageant contestant (no offense if you've ever been one), but I mean praying for peace not just in our country, or our world, but in the hearts of individuals. The kind of peace that only comes from a one on one relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. You can't get it from a church. You can't get it from a preacher. You can't even get it from your spouse or kids or family. It only comes thru the one who gave His life that You may face the troubles in this world with peace and assurance and hope and a future.

This is a kinda random post - likely an affect of all the channel-flipping I've been doing - but I just wanted to put my thoughts out there to you 5 people reading - (there I go with the numbers again - haha) and see what you think. Tell me what you think about why people are driven to shouting at people they've only met 5 seconds prior to going on air - or have never met at all. Why do you think we get so passionate about a person running for public office yet sit in church and won't even lift our hands in praise to God? OUCH. Just wanna get you thinking today. I know I have been. I've turned off the tv, turned on some praise music and I'm gonna spend some more time with my Abba Daddy before my kids get home. I SURE don't want to face them after my morning! haha


Mandy said...

i get angry too, sometimes, and passionate in the moment. i think it has something to do with what the Bible says about the whole earth groaning, waiting for Christ to return and set things right... cause things are off-kilter. heck, even the globe itself is slightly tilted on its axis (maybe the reason for the angry weather man?!)

i guess the only way to NOT get angry about especially the trivial things in life is what you mentioned in a more recent blog... HOPE... that this isn't all there is... just like the chorus of the Christian song... "there's gotta be more to life than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me" and we could add "and stop the anger for a minute!"

i guess it's all about perspective. do we have a heavenly perspective, or an earthly one? if its earthly, we're sure to be angry b/c there's a lot to be angry about b/c this life is straight up UNFAIR!! if its heavenly, well, we know all things rest in God's hands so what's the use in being angry? it's better to trust God and act humbly. so, this is kind of a blog in itself! lol... long winded tonight... see you tues to p/u dylan =) oh... and we are praying for your family. in fact, we prayed for you today!