Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lovin' my new book....

Oh my word. Got a new book and wanted to tell y'all about it. If you've read it, PLEASE leave me a comment to tell me what you thought of it.

It's called "Abba's Child" by Brennan Manning. Land sakes! I knew it was gonna be awesome when I spent over 2 hours re-reading the preface alone! It's about our identity in Christ. The subtitle says "The Cry of the Heart for Intimate Belonging" LOVE that.

This blessing was in the preface written by a spiritual advisor for the author and it's become the prayer I'm praying for the ones I love. "May all your expectations be frustrated, may all your plans be thwarted, may all your desires be withered into nothingness, that you may experience the powerlessness and poverty of a child and sing and dance in the love of God who is Father, Son and Spirit. Today on planet earth, may you experience the wonder and beauty of yourself as Abba's Child and temple of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ our Lord." AMAZING!

Let me know if you've read this and I'm sure I'll be blogging LOTS as I read this awesome book!