Tuesday, July 10, 2007

100 and going!!!

100 posts! UNREAL!

I was tagged by Leigh for the 5 things I "dig" about Jesus!

1 - I dig that Jesus said "Let there be light!" The trinity thing is such a mysteriously, miraculous, wondrous thing and I dig that He and the Father are one so when we were made "In OUR image" that image was of Jesus. COOL!!

2 - I dig that Jesus loved me enough to pay the penalty for my sins! Digging it just doesn't seem appropriate verbage, but I'm just going with the lingo of this tag! haha It's amazing to think that before time He knew how much I was mess things up on my own and was willing to go in my place!! "AMAZING LOVE, HOW CAN IT BE?"

3 - I dig all of Jesus' creation! The ocean has always been one of my favorite creations, but I tell ya, as I drove thru the mountains of VA and WV this pass weekend, I was moved to tears by the wonder of it all! I think of things like the Grand Canyon, Mt. Everest, waterfalls in Hawaii, AMAZING!! I love (dig) how creative the Father is!!

4 - I dig that Jesus is with me all the time! I'm a people person and don't especially care to be alone. I'm not afraid, I just like to talk/interact! That's one of the coolest things about Jesus. He's ALWAYS with me! If I am alone physically, I still have someone to talk to/interact with! And I do it often! If I'm in the car alone, we're usually chatting away, or wherever I am (physically) alone, He is with me! DIG THAT!!!

5 - I dig that Jesus is honored by all these blogs of all his children! I dig that we can take a platform like the internet and tell of His love and mercy! I dig that we can - UNASHAMEDLY - tell of the things He's done in our lives and that we give Him all the honor and glory!! He is good!

Those are just a few of the things I dig about Jesus! He's so much more than any human vocabulary can declare!!! It's my prayer that any and all who read this know Him and if you don't PLEASE let me introduce you! You won't regret it for a second!!!!


Kim said...

Happy 100th day! In true blog fashion, I think you are supposed to post 100 things that we don't know about you - get busy girl! One blog that I read posts 10 a week - until she reaches 100 -might be a manageable way to go about it. Glad the wedding went well -

Leigh Gray said...

this is really, realy cool. I never knew to do that. I have not had many blogging frineds for very long. so no one told me!! boo-hoo!!

but I love reading all of that about you. I have got to hear the ear stitches story...