Thursday, July 12, 2007

The rest of the useless information

Ok, I've put this off as long as possible. haha Here we go.

1. God and I have a thing with birds and ducks.
2. I've known Jesus as my Savior since I was 12 years old.
3. My favorite hymn is "It is well".
4. My favorite color is blue. (reminds me of the ocean)
5. The only place outside the US I've been is Mexico.
6. The only states west of TN I have ever been to are Arkansas and Texas.
7. I've moved about 15 times in my life.
8. I LOVE caramel.
9. I collect snowmen.
10. I've choreographed several musicals and dance teams.
11. I took dance for 6 years and baton for 4.
12. My husband is my best friend!
13. My sisters are next!
14. My sister has met the President.
15. I've been to a retreat at "The Cove" - Billy Graham's training center. AWESOME PLACE!!!
16. One of my best friends is gonna be the NEXT Beth Moore! (you know who you are girl! haha)
17. My mother-in-law is a Billy Ray Cyrus groupie! hahaha
18. My favorite drink is Lime Diet Coke!
19. I have only had dogs as pets, Peppy, Max, Pepper, Trixie and Precious. Not all at once!
20. My niece is a model and a pretty one!! haha
21. I have a nephew who was born in England. (brother was in the Air Force)
22. I can't sleep with dirty feet. (did I say that one already?)
23. I have to sleep with a fan on. (need white noise)
24. I have read the Bible thru 3 times in my life. I mean cover to cover. I read it every day just not in it's entirety! haha
25. I have done 5 Beth Moore studies.
26. I have seen Beth Moore 2 times in the last year! AWESOME!!!!
27. I used to dream of being a backup singer for Steven Curtis Chapman!!
28. (But) I have sung with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers with Carol Cymbala directing!! BIG MOMENT IN MY LIFE!!! WAHOOOOOOO
(This is HARD!!)
29. I have colored my hair since I was in the 11th grade in high school!!! No GRAY hair here! hahaha
30. I love to roller skate despite my previously mentioned injury!
31. My kids make me breakfast in bed just about every Sat. (at their own prompting)
32. I LOVE roller coasters!! My favorite it the Beast at King's Island in Ohio.
33. Though I have sung in church (an out of church) since I was about 3 yrs old I absolutely BUTCHER lyrics!! You'd be shocked!!
34. I have an extra bone in my right ankle! WEIRD, I know!
35. I was a cheerleader in college. SCARY!!!
36. My dad painted the WV state Capitol building in and out.
37. I love home improvement shows. LOVE HGTV! (it's on now as a matter of fact)
38. I love shopping and am a PROFESSIONAL window shopper!!
39. I've taught the above passion to my daughter. (At 3 she woke up one morning and asked me if we could go shopping - literally the 1st words out of her mouth that morning! hahaha)
40. I used to teach preschool music. (just ask Sarahjane!)
41. I have a tattoo! Ok , not really but I wanted to see if anyone was really paying any attention to this! hahahaha
42. I Netflix.
43. I love pedicures!
44. I used to have braces.
45. I flew ValueJet once! SCARYYYYYY!!!!
46. I'm currently reading 2 books and doing 2 Bible studies. FREAK, I know!!
47. I learn Scripture to music. Like, memorize any Scripture to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb, or Pop Goes the Weasel. Don't knock it til you've tried it!!
48. I love to sneeze!!!
49. I have 4 pairs of flip-flops this summer. I love the dollar store! haha
50. I just wrote 100 things about myself that are the truth but are ridiculous! hahaha

If any of you actually sat here and read all of these I want you to get up from your computer, go look in the mirror and say "I ROCK!!" then I want you to tell me you did that!! hahahahahahahaha

Hope you weren't bored to tears!


jennifer said...

Cute! I almost choked on the tattoo! Yes I was reading!

I have had a dog named pepper and precious.(Now the dogs name is Pepsi)

I have been to Kings island(grew up in NW Ohio)

I have netflix

I have move 34 times...*gasp* and I really enjoyed reading these things about you!

I came over from the random blog ring. I have 2 blogs( my other is

Come over and visit either or both blogs sometime!

jennifer said...

Valarie...I grew up just outside Risingsun OH...very tiny place, lots of corn and wheat and green!

I say green because here in New Mexico we have very little rain, and lots of dry, tan arrid neat stuff. I love it out here because no humidity!(but very little green!

Leigh Gray said...

ok girl - i have your list of 100 or 50 by 2 or whatever almost memorized... you ready to start posting again??? I ma ready for you to!

have a wonderful day!