Monday, July 2, 2007

My week...

Today has been a crazy day that is a prelude to a crazy week for our family! My stepson is getting married Saturday in WV and we'll be traveling up there later in the week. Fun stuff! Not only do I get to spend the weekend with in-laws but the ex-wife too! haha JUST KIDDING!!

I spent the weekend trying to find "the" dress and finally God was gracious enough to lead me to one I really like. While I was in the dressing room I overheard another woman talking to a friend about which dress she liked best. Then she says "I mean, really, what is appropriate for the stepmother of the groom!" I about cracked up!! Here I was shopping alone and struggling with what to wear and the Lord puts this lady in a room next to mine who was shopping for the SAME THING!!! She goes "I'm trying not to offend anyone, but I also want to look decent and you know the ex will be there in all her glory!" Well, I couldn't take it anymore! I stepped out of my dressing room and apologized for "dipping" on her conversation but told her that I just HAD to tell her I was in the exact same boat! It was so nice to have a kindred spirit for this adventure!! hahaha After much discussion we actually helped each other pick our dresses!! A TOTAL STRANGER helping me shop!! Doesn't that kill you?

Anyway, my relationship with the ex-wife is so much better than some of the horror stories I've heard about. I can tell you that this is a total and complete GOD THING!! When Jimmy and I first married the ex was not a Christian (good thing since she took off with his best friend - oh did I say that out loud? teehee) and our "relationship" was not good at all. She was rude and angry and foul mouthed, just bad. BUT then about 9 or 10 years ago God got a hold of her and her husband (Jimmy's old friend) and he turned their lives AROUND!! I mean, she has raised those kids in a Christian home, (my stepson just graduated seminary and is an assoc. pastor up there) she works at the kids' Christian school, she teaches a Sunday school class, she's just sold out to Jesus and it's GREAT!

Now, she and I aren't best buddies or anything, but I can tell you that we can now be in a room together, talking, laughing and generally having a good time. We don't call each other just to say "hey" or send cards but God didn't say we had to hang out with each other all the time, He just said we have to love one another. I can tell you that there were a lot of years that I didn't love her! I didn't even like her, much less love her! BUT God got a hold of me too, He made me take a long hard look at my heart where she is concerned and I can tell you now that I do love her. Not like I love my family, and that's ok with God, but I love her soul and I love what a good mom she is to my stepkids!

God is amazing ya'll. If he can turn our relationship around I can promise you that He can fix whatever difficult relationship you may have. He's the ONLY One who can!! So, as I get ready to watch that scrawny little boy I once rode on my back for hours take a bride this weekend I will be thanking God for allowing me the honor of being in his life. I will be thanking God for that boys daddy and yes, for his mom too! That's God ya'll!


Nicki said...

How awesome is that???!! I just loved hearing that changing room story!! =) And it's so refreshing to hear you speak of you husbands ex that way. You are so right, we don't have to like everyone but we do have to love them. It took me a long time to understand that concept! Have a great time!!

Kim said...

What a precious attitude...isn't it amazing what God can do for us when we let Him! Be careful traveling and "love her" through it when she gets stressed and the true colors pour out...Have fun.