Thursday, September 13, 2007

So glad to be back...

Ya'll. I'm so glad to have my computer back. The funny thing is, a few weeks ago when it first went into the ICU (haha) I thought I would go crazy not being able to check my email and to pop on my Siesta's blogs to see how God was working in their lives. But do you know what I missed the most? Having access to my sites with Biblical translations. After I do my quiet time with my "old faithful girl" Bible, I LOVE popping on and reading different translations and the Lord usually speaks to me in a TOTALLY different way. I pray that all of you do the same thing. I know it seems strange having "quiet time" in front of a computer and it can be tempting to pop around, but when you seek Him first then He adds all these things!!!

The last couple of weeks there have been so many changes at my church! We've been doing the "Legacy" campaign (for lack of a better word) and I can see changes happening in so many of my friends. My Sunday School class has changed how we "do things" and are spending a lot more time in prayer. We even started meeting 2 nights a week to pray together as a class. Then the music ministry has started meeting once a month to pray over the choir suite (where we practice) and the loft and platform in the sanctuary. Our "house" is truly becoming a "house of prayer"! I DO NOT say this boastfully but only in totally humility because I think of the missed opportunities we've had as a congregation and individually and there is NO PRIDE in what we're doing! We are on our faces begging for forgiveness for doing it any other way!!

Also, God has led me into Gethsemane. I heard Beth Moore teach about Jesus going into this place that means "oil press" and how He HAD to go there alone. He wanted His "brothers" nearby praying (even though they decided to take a quick snooze instead) but still it was a place He had to go Himself. No one else could do it for Him. No one else could do it with Him. That's where I've been lately. On my face being pressed down. God is faithful to lead me to that place only because He's got some beauty to make out of my ashes. He's got some gladness for my mourning. He's replaced by despair with some true, authentic praise!

My family has been thru so much. Some friends tell me I should write a book about some of the UNBELIEVABLE things we've gone thru. But what's greater than all the difficult circumstances we've faced is how often my Abba Father has reached down and carried me/us thru them all! If I were to write a book, that's what I'd call it! "He has carried me thru it all"! I can only tell you all that every day with my Jesus is sweeter than the day before! (that should be a song, hahahaha) It just blows my mind how much I love Him but even more so how much He loves me! He's so good ya'll! In fact, good doesn't even begin to describe Him! I'm glad to be back most of all so I can brag on my God! So I can proclaim love in the morning and His faithfulness at night!


Nicki said...

Oh gave me some chills as I read amazing is our God and how amazing this change in our church is........although Melissa Guinn and I are going to be running through the aisles on Sunday to get some spirit flowing!! =) JUST KIDDING!! I'm glad to see God is really bringing you face down before him...and yes write a book! I will read it!! =)