Thursday, September 27, 2007


Don't ya'll just love it when the Lord - the Creator of the Universe - takes the time to fall fresh on you each day? It just blows my mind!

Let me tell you how my morning has begun. Had a quick appetizer with the Lord before getting the kids and hubby off to their perspective destinations, then sat down for my meat and potatoes from Him. Needless to say He did NOT disappoint. I was in Hebrews Chpt 10 reading about perseverance and endurance. I told you all a few days ago that we were going to start a Bible study with the ladies of our music ministry and then just days later Debra, our minister's wife, was in a horrible car accident. I had thought that God had finally provided me with the teacher we needed for this study, but obviously, He has other plans. Surely, He doesn't mean for me to lead! (that's been my reaction) I've spent the week reminding the Lord of all my short-comings, my inadequacies (as if He needs to be reminded) but today He's reminded who I am and what He's called me to do. I'm not saying that I'm going in like gang busters and starting this study because I'm waiting for Him to swing the doors open and send the burning bush! haha

But after my meal I decided to come by for some dessert and popped onto Beth Moore's blog. If you haven't read it today, GO READ IT! I about fainted! I just sat here crying like crazy. So then, I read my email and a friend who blogs had gotten some comments on her blog that made her a bit uneasy and was asking me to pray for her heart to stay pure and her motives to stay in check. This from a girl I've known for years and have NEVER, not one time, doubted her motives when it came to ministry! So, with my feathers all ruffled I thought I'd just hop online and defend my friend. (that's just like me ready to go to battle)

Before I reacted though I needed a potty break so as I walked toward the rest area I glanced over and realized I hadn't read my "God Calling" for today. So I open it up and here's the title for today "Divine Restraint". Oh yea! I didn't make that up! It spoke about God's desire to share His salvation and His power with each of us but how He shows restraint until invited in. How limitless His power is in our lives "but only to the extent of the lack of vision of that individual." OUCH. The last line says "Comfort my waiting, loving, longing Heart by claiming My Help, Guidance and Miracle-working Power." Ya'll, got me a Word! I didn't need to jump on and defend my friend. I needed to pray for her to release God's power in her life. I needed to pray for those who criticized her for the power to be released in their lives. I want God's limitless power in my life! Don't you? I don't want to get to heaven and see what He "wanted" to do for me but I wouldn't "let" Him because of my unbelief!

So anyway, I just had me some church right here in the house! After all those "Words" I put me on some praise music, had me a good cry, danced around and praised my Abba Daddy! I hope ya'll are in the Word every day! He's got so much to say and wants us to stop, slow down and listen!


Leigh Gray said...

speachless, just speachless - and you know that ain't often!!!

i love you from the bottom of narly toenails to the tip top of my blonde hair with brown roots!!

thank you!

Anonymous said...

By the way this is Tracy (Lucy). I'm at the library and can't remember my password, so I'm going on as anonymous.......

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER (did I say NEVER?) have I been able to guess how God was going to work in something, but I will tell you this........more times than not when I've said, "God, surely you don't want ME to do whatever (fill in the blank), it's ended up that it was EXACTLY what He was wanting me to do. It's when I've felt confident about doing something that it's fallen apart.

Love you, girl!!!