Monday, September 24, 2007

Will you worship?

Well yesterday at church was amazing! Not because our music was great - which it was - not because our preacher brought it on - which he did - not because I got to visit with my "family" - which I did - but because the Holy Spirit fell fresh on me yesterday! He moved not only in me but I could feel Him moving in our whole church. God is working at the Grove!

It's difficult coming to worship when you've faced some of the things life throws at you. Marriage stuff, kids, finances, family problems, arguments with friends, not to mention some of the stuff we faced as a church family - more specifically a music ministry family - this week. (Our music minister's wife being in a horrific accident) It was very emotional for all of us. Emotional when we think of the what-if's for her and the what-if's we all face. BUT GOD in His love for us, wants us to come and to bring our emotions, our hurt, our fear, our questions, our anger, EVERYTHING to Him. To leave it at His feet. To let it go. To lay it down. He's big enough to handle the what'if's of our life.

The question then becomes will you worship? Will you come and leave Him your stuff? I did that yesterday. I left it all and just worshipped my Abba Daddy! He alone is worthy to be worshipped! My prayer is you'll do the same. He's waiting...


Nicki said...

Precious thoughts....I knew Doug would be there yesterday but I didn't have ANY idea what kind of effect HIS worship would have on me....whoa. You could see it all over his face....he was there to worship the King, through it all.

ps-you looked oh so pretty in blue!! =) I LOVED that song ya'll sang!!

Kim said...

Great job yesterday - the place was filled with His presence wasn't it?

HeatherMichelle said...

hola - church yesterday WAS really good. I ALWAYS love to worship at HG!!!!!!!!! (& miss it :-()

Melissa said...

worship is what we are studying in Sunday school and it is really teaching me a lot. A couple of quotes from our SS book.. "Worship not only has to do with what we bring to God, but also with what we have in our hearts when we bring it." "It implies offering something to God. The heart, not the gift, however, signifies our true worship of God."
What you said about laying it down and leaving it is hard, but it isn't until we do that... lay it down.. that our hearts can truly be ready to worship. It's like there is a block in front of our hearts that keeps us from true worship, but lay it down and oh SISTA! Just hang on!