Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Where the rubber meats the road...

Often times we ask the Lord to open doors for us, to show us where He wants us to serve and promise Him that we'll go thru. I know I certainly have. Then when He slings the door open we stand there going, "But I'm not ready, I'm not smart enough, I'm not sure, I'm not...I'm not...I'm not..."

I'm at one of those points right now. I've asked Him to open some doors for me and He's done it and now I feel the enemy starting to whisper that I'm not good enough. He's right too. I'm not enough anything, BUT GOD (my favorite phrase) makes me enough! Before He created the first star He knew what He had in store for me and He's been getting me ready for it for the last 39 years. So, am I going to follow or stand here frozen in fear?

While we were at the beach the Lord revealed some areas of fear in my life. Like sleeping with a night light on, like being in closed places, just fear. So I spent some time in the Word flooding myself with His promises to protect me, to go ahead and behind me, to guide me, to never leave or forsake me. Then I found the UGLIEST shell I could find on the beach, I carried that nasty thing all day then before I left the beach I took that fear, that ugly nasty fear and I cast it into the depths (ok, so it really didn't even quite pass the breakers - hahaha)!

So, when I got home I spoke with a few ladies and we are going to start a Bible study with the ladies in our music ministry at church!!! I am so excited! The Lord had laid this on their hearts before I ever mentioned it and we've all just been waiting for Him to make it happen. So I'm asking that you join me in prayer for this study. I ask that you pray for the Lord to work in my life and the lives of whoever He sends to this study, for Him to make us hungry for His righteousness! Most of all I ask that you pray that this not be about me and that I am totally empty before these ladies! I'm nothing without Him and that's all I want them to know about me!

I'll keep ya "posted" on how He irons out the details but please pray! If you have any great suggestions for a study for worship leaders I'd LOVE to know! Thanks.

Jesus said "Don't be afraid; just believe." Mark 5:36