Monday, October 1, 2007


Well my weekend was a complete whirlwind and it's not going to get much betther this week. My prayer is that the Lord will keep me focused on the things I need to take care of but keep my eyes open to His "Stops" for me along the way.

I went to WV this past weekend to visit my sister. She's still so depressed. Sept. is a HORRIBLE month for her. The month her husband died, the month of their anniversary and his birthday. Tough stuff. Ya'll say a prayer for her. The enemy has encamped his demons of depression, guilt and grief around her and she's just drowning. Her only Lifeline is the Lord but right now she's having a hard time focusing on the line He's casting her. Pray ya'll!

Then this weekend is our Breath of Heaven conference at church. I'm just so excited! I did Jennifer Rothschild's "Fingerprints of God" study and it was great. Really got me to thinking about looking for the Prints of the Potter on my life. Anyway, if ya'll would like to come, I'd LOVE to meet you there. Ya'll can all stay at my house and we'll just have a great big pajama party!! (won't my man die for me making that invitation! hahaha) Go to for details ya'll!

God has been good to me this weekend. He's kept me calm and peaceful - even while dealing with my mom - He's given me strength and safety and supplied my needs. He's just so good. I just love Him. That's all that matters. Not much else to say, I just love my Abba Daddy!