Tuesday, October 16, 2007

God Calling

If you don't have a copy of "God Calling" PLEASE go get one!!! It is incredible! It's the Word of God put together as a letter from God to you daily.

I usually have my copy with me as I start my morning, however, yesterday I had left it on my dresser as I carried my Bible and study books to our place. So, last night shortly before bed I saw it and realized I hadn't read it so I picked it up. Are you ready? "October 15 Feel Plenty Live in My Secret Place and there the feeling is one of full satisfaction. You are to feel plenty. The storehouses of God are full to overflowing, but you must see this in your mind. Be sure of this before you can realize it in material form. Think thoughts of plenty. See yourselves as Daughters of a King. I have told you this. Wish plenty for yourselves, and all you care for and long to help." YA'LL!!!!!! I about had me a holy fit right then and there!!! God was answering me as I was posting about contentment. How in the world people think the Bible is an old book of myths and that it isn't relative today...well it's just beyond me!

So, this morning I open it up and it's a lengthy one so I won't type the whole thing but here's a few lines. "October 16 The Imprisoned God As all reform is from within out, you will always find the outward has improved too. To do this is to release the imprisoned God - Power within you. That Power, once operative, will immediately perform miracles. Then indeed shall your mourning be turned into Joy." OH MY LAND SAKES! Is it just me or are ya'll about to shout too? Didn't God just speak to me about releasing His Power in me yesterday and then He confirms it again today?! OH MY LANDS!!!!!!! I know there are some that would call this "coincidence" but I'm telling you that God speaks to those who are ready to listen! When you call it chance, you're not ready to hear Him but when you call that the Voice of the Almighty - HOLD ON TIGHT!!!

Ya'll, He longs to speak. He has so much to say. I've been busy making myself clean and ready to listen - not an especially pleasant experience - but my, oh my is it worth it!!!! To think, that the Creator of the Universe, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Noah, Jacob, David and so many other heroes of our faith wants to speak to ME! ME, of all people! Stubborn, selfish, hard-headed ME?! Yes, me, Daughter of the King! Me, the apple of my Father's eye! And you...the precious child He's longing to hold in His lap! He's waiting for us sisters, won't you come along...