Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tis the season...

Well here it comes. The season. While Christians have every reason for this to be our FAVORITE time of year - being thankful for our Saviour, our family, etc and then celebrating His birth - it's also the busiest time and for some of us, the saddest time of year. (no doubt the enemy planned it that way)

The enemy is starting early on me this year. November 12 was the day my daddy died and as I get closer and closer to that day the harder and harder the evil one works. My body is tired, it's achy, it's just yucky! I feel like just getting back in the bed and sleeping all day. My lupus is starting to act up a bit, my joints are more achy than normal and I had my thyroid check-up last week and it is TOTALLY out of whack which does nothing but exasperate all of these symptoms.

So as I approach the 5 year anniversary I'm leaning more and more on the Lord. I know my dad is happy. I know he's with Jesus, he's with his parents and my mom's parents and I know he's rocking my babies. You would think that after 5 years it would be easier but it's just not! Yeah, I don't think about it as much, but I still miss him so badly.

Ok, enough. Anyway, I just covet your prayers. I work so hard at putting on my happy face for my man and for my kids and for my friends but today just isn't one of those days. Today, I just wanna curl up in my Abba Daddy's lap and let Him love on me! I'm so thankful He cares enough to do just that! Thanks for praying for me ya'll and sorry this wasn't a very fun post.


Lucy said...

Girlfriend, you are SO in my prayers. I'm going to pray for you right this very soon as I finish this comment.

You know, I don't know for sure that this is biblical (never have seen where it wasn't), but there are times that I get to missing my daddy, stepmother and sister so much that I'll just ask Jesus to go to them and give them a big hug and tell them that it's from me and that I love them. I believe He does it.

I'm going to get off of this computer and pray for you right now. Love you, girl!!!

PS - Just when I had you on the "Superwoman Pedestal" you go and write a "not fun post." The next thing I know you're going to be admitting to PMSing : ) I love you Valarie!!! : )

Valarie said...

Girl you are so sweet and just the medicine I needed today!! YOU CRACK ME UP!!!

Don't you dare put me up on a pedestal unless you're willing to laugh with me when I come CRASHING off it!!! (Which I KNOW you will! haha)

I love ya girl! Thanks for lifting me up!

Nicki said...

Oh Val, I'm so sorry you feel so yucky. I wish there was something I could do. I'm sure all the added stuff adds to how you feel physically! I'll be praying for you today!!


Valarie said...

No Nicki. No house yet. Our landlords said they're not really in a rush and we're gonna try to convince them to wait til after the holidays, but no guarantee at this point. I'll keep ya posted and thanks for praying for me.