Tuesday, October 2, 2007

14 years ago today!!!

Today is the anniversary of the second best day of my life! Second only to the day that I asked Jesus into my heart (May 12, 1980). This is the day that the most handsome, the funniest, the most caring, the most sensitive, the most compassionate, the most loyal, the most passionate man I have ever known took me for his bride!!

14 years ago today I (in true drama queen style) put on the biggest gown I'd ever seen, poofed my hair as high as 1993 would allow, opened my heart and gave myself like I never thought I would to Jimmy! He has lovingly handled it with great care to the best of his ability for 14 years! He has treated me like a queen! He has loved me, DESPITE me! He has given me his entire heart, leaving no corner of it closed off to me. That had NEVER happened to me before.

I thank God every single day for bringing this man into my life. His plan for us hasn't always been an easy road to take but we have taken it TOGETHER! Never straying or getting distracted by anything else!

I love you Jimmy, more today then I ever dreamed possible. I thank you for being my husband, which I know isn't easy and I know the Father is gonna give you a special crown in heaven for it!!!! ;-) You know that I went into this marriage expecting it to fail. Expecting you to be unfaithful. Expecting to leave. That was because at that time in my life, I didn't have my expectations in Christ and I'm so sorry for that! I'm so grateful to you for NEVER giving up on me and now, I know that God intends for this marriage to end when one - or both - of us is in His presence and not a day before! I will love you til that day comes! I'm Forever Yours!
I love you baby!


Leigh Gray said...

congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! yippee skippee!!! i am so excited for you all. so when is the big trip again??? not like you would be counting or anything!!

love you girlie!!

Praisegrrl said...

Aw! Happy anniversary. My husband (also a Jimmy) and I are coming up on 13 years soon.