Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ps 4:8

A few weeks ago I went to the beach with my girlfriends and we had a BLAST! We stayed up til the wee hours of the morning talking about so many things but mostly about the Lover of our souls. It was great. You may remember that I wrote about fear and what a stronghold it had on me. I didn't realize how many areas of my life it had crept into but I really dealt with it quite a bit that weekend and released a lot of it to my Abba Daddy.

Well, the enemy was paying attention. It's 8:20am here and it's already been quite an eventful morning. As my man went to take the babies to school my van had been ransacked, his truck had been jimmied open and the bag he carries to church and another box were laying out in the yard. Someone had broken into our vehicles. As he quickly assessed things and went on to take the kids to school I was left to clean up. Nothing appeared to be missing because I'm usually good about not keeping anything valuable in my car - however there were 2 baby dolls left in the van and THANK GOD they were ok. That would've been MAJOR DRAMA! haha

As I went to pick up the broken box in the yard I realized it didn't come from Jimmy's truck because of the contents. My next door neighbor is a policeman and I looked at his car and the trunk was popped and the door was partially open - they had hit him too. They did manage to steal some of his equipment but no weapons - THANK GOD! Also, my other neighbor's home was broken into about 2 weeks ago.

This neighborhood used to be a really good one but things are changing despite the installation of street lights. I guess that's the way the world goes. No neighborhood is really exempt. My friends live in an upper scale neighborhood in the area and their home was broken into as well. "In this world you will have trouble".

While we were at the beach I talked about my fear of sleeping with all the lights off. I know. It's pitiful. My friend Lisa shared a verse with me then and I know the Lord planted it in me for this morning! Thank you Lisa for speaking this Word over me and thank you Father for being my shelter, my strong tower, my hiding place!

"I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety." Ps 4:8

Father God thank you for protecting our property and our lives. Lord I pray for the person who is so desperate to break in to cars in the middle of the night. Lord may they find You, their only safe haven. Lord, please continue to protect my family and our home. You alone, O Lord are my safety and I thank you for loving me enough to keep my family from harm. Your plans are to give us hope and a future so Lord I now thank you for completing those plans in us and I cling to the only hope I have. YOU! Thank you Father. I love you and I praise Your name! All these things I offer to you thru the name above every name, the name of your son Jesus. Amen.


HeatherMichelle said...

My house was broken into in 2000 - I lived with one of my sisters and we would not go home alone at we would call each othe and hang out at wherever, our parents house or somewhere until the other was ready to come home. She was getting married about 4 weeks later and lefft me alone out there in the house in the country that had just been broken into. I was scared every night to go to sleep...and that is exactly the verse that I used to put myself to sleep every night -it is marked in my Bible with the date of the break-in. I would just meditate on it continually.
Crazy how we can let this world take away our joy and replace it with something as un-Godly as fear. And wonderful how God uses those times for our growth - I definitely would not have spent so much time meditating on Scripture if I had not had that experience...(& I KNOW I would not have been so happy to see my sis every night before she left me!) :-)

Kim said...

Hey Val,
I was just talking to Lisa Tuesday. We ran into one another in the parking lot at HG. Our conversation was about my mom's beach retreat in which I talked about younger busy moms spending the weekend with older seasoned moms and how we missed that in a samll church - She shared with me about how you two had talked about a mentoring program at HG - I will join you in prayer about that - I do see that need. If you ever feel led to start the ball rolling, count me in..

Valarie said...

Oh Kim! WILL DO GIRL! We do need it so badly and I will certainly be praying for the Lord to work His will and HIS timing! Thanks girl!