Monday, October 22, 2007

Distractions, distractions, distractions...

Does the enemy get on ya'll's nerves as much as he does mine? Man oh man, he was not happy that I intended to get me some alone time with my Abba Daddy this weekend! He started working on me Thursday with the whole van break-in thing. (sad but I don't know if I told ya'll my van was broken in to - nothing stolen) But he was even working on me at church last night. Tireless I tell ya. He knows his time is short so he's gonna do his best to slow me down. But here's a newsflash Satan, YOU LOSE, I WIN THRU JESUS!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Yesterday at church was just an AWESOME day! Great time in worship, great sermons and my sweet friend Lisa gave me a copy of Jim Cymbala's "Fresh Wind Fresh Fire" so I spent the afternoon reading it. AWESOME BOOK! I was gonna post all the ways the enemy used people and circumstances to distract me this weekend, but I think I'll spend some time lifting up my Jesus instead!

Friday night my girl Leigh spoke and don't you know an older lady prayed to receive Jesus!!! Is that amazing or what? God is good! Saturday someone hurt my feelings REALLY bad but then several girlfriends sent notes of encouragement and love and I just felt the Father telling me it was ok and not at all about ME but what the other person was dealing with! If that's not a miracle of God I don't know what is!! Can I get an amen?! By Sunday afternoon that person had emailed to apologize and ask forgiveness. God is faithful! Then last night at church Dr. Rummage brought the fire as he started a series on worship. Oh my lands! There were a lot of choir and orchestra members all around us and we were all shouting amens and clapping - just gettin downright Bapticostal! LOVE IT!! (You missed it Melissa! haha) God is moving!

Then this morning my "God Calling" was titled Home-Building. Here's a couple of lines. "You are building an unshakable faith. Be furnishing the quiet places of your soul now. Fill them with all that is harmonious and good, beautiful and enduring." Is that the best? After a weekend of a roller-coaster emotional ride - one that was intended to be a quiet time I'm encouraged to keep furnishing those quiet times! Don't you just love God? He's so loving and gentle and kind to us. He is faithful!


Lucy said...

"Fresh Wind Fresh Fire" is an EXCELLENT book!!!!! You will absolutely love it!!!

With school, surgery and everything going on around here the last few weeks I really let my quiet time become mechanical, kind of obligatory instead of something that I really had my heart into. I let it become "have to" instead of "want to." Within a couple of days I could feel the effect it was having on my attitude and everything else. I asked God to forgive me and asked Him to give me a thirst for His Word that wouldn't turn me loose. The last two mornings I've woke right out of a sound sleep, grabbed my Bible and just drank it in like I haven't in a few weeks. It felt really, really good.

Lisa said...

Valerie.....thanks for the comment on my blog. I am just taking it day by day. I am starting to wonder if this whole ordeal is a GOD ISSUE....I never give myself much credit in anything I do. And it certainly doesn't take much to bring me down....SATAN knows just where to poke at me....I am not giving up.....just fighting a huge battle right now.

Thanks again,