Friday, June 20, 2008

Help....I've been tagged! ;-)

Ok, so I've been tagged by Melissa and since this isn't one I've ever done before I'll play. Here we go....

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

Let's see. 10 years ago this day I was getting ready for my 30th birthday. My brother's birthday is the 19th of June (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF!!) and mine is the 26th so the celebration of my b-day usually has to hold off til after his! Yes, we have a WEEK LONG celebration of MY birthday! hahaha That's really just a joke. I was spending the summer with my firstborn son who was 7 mths at the time. I had just left my position as Clinical Coordinator to stay home with him and having a ball with my parents and my oldest sister both living in Charlotte. Since then my dad has gone to be with Jesus, my mom moved back to WV and my sister divorced, remarried and moved to New Bern, NC. Wow.

2. My favorite snacks?

100 Calorie Fudge Stripe cookies - oh my word! LOVE THEM. Celery and peanut butter - I know BORING! Chips. Any kind (except salt and vinegar - GAG!)

3. 5 Things on my to-do list today.

1. Start laundry.

2. Go to the pool.

3. AVOID a sunburn.

4. Get ready for GIRLS NIGHT OUT!

5. Go to Red Lobster with my GIRLS tonight to kickoff Valarie week! hahahaha

4.Things I would do if I were a billionaire.

Oh my word. Ok. Tithe, obviously or it would all be gone in a year! haha I would buy our church a new sound system and my man a set of drums for church and for home. Then I'd buy a home for us that's just big enough to have a sound proof room in the basement for him to play! haha I'd also buy him a new Ford F150 Supercab because his little toy truck is about to go any time! haha I'd get my mom and mother-in-law set in a home they're happy with, pay off my sibling's homes and secure my children's educations. (I'd like to say that I'd just give them the rest, but I really want them to learn the value of their hard work not expect a handout) I'd immediately go get me a baby girl from China! Then I'd buy a beach house big enough for my family to vacation in and I'd share it with all my friends too!! The rest would go to local rescue missions and homeless shelters because I know what it's like to not know where you're going to sleep or where your next meal is going to come from and that's NOT good feeling. If there was anything left I have to admit that I'd buy about 365 pairs of shoes!!! hahahahaha

5. 5 jobs that I've had.

1. Wife, mom, homemaker.

2. Clinical Coordinator/CMA.

3. Hostess at a five-star restaurant.

4. Waitress at Chi-Chi's. OLE'!

5. Preschool music teacher.

6. Five places I've lived.

1. Charleston, WV

2. Philippi, WV (college)

3. Ocala, FL

4. Seth, WV

5. Charlotte, NC

7. 5 Random things that people don't know about me.

1. I'm an AVID reader.

2. I've had the same best friend since 7th grade. (My best friend Kelley!)

3. I'm having a hard time thinking of things no one would know because I'm such an open book and will tell you EVERYTHING!

4. I broke my collar bone doing cartwheels on the stairs in Elementary school.

5. I know how to make myself faint. Haven't done it in years and it requires no special tools, just me and enough room to fall down!

8. 5 CD's that I would have to take on a desert island.

1. Travis Cottrell

2. Kirk Franklin - Girl will HAVE to dance!

3. Brooklyn Tab - Girl will HAVE to praise!

4. Luther Vandross - Girl will HAVE to miss her man!

5. Sade - Girl will need some beach music while I'm tanning! ;-)

Ok, so now I'm supposed to tag some people too. I forgot how many but here goes.






Have fun girls!


Melissa said...

Thanks for playing girl! You are cracking me up with the Luther Vandross thing, but he is pretty good! :)
Love you!

Leah said...

Hey girl,

I did this Meme back in April on my blog. I think it was April 7th post. I love learning about all my bloggy friends.


Marina said...

thanks fo stoping by I have miss you we need to vist each other more often and by the why can you really faint like Marie Osmond did in dancing with the stars you must of seen it the whole world saw it.