Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No Other Gods

Is anyone doing Kelly Minter's study with Beth Moore? I'm starting with a group of ladies tomorrow and I tell ya - I about can't WAIT! We've been doing this church-wide study of the Old Testament and I have been LOVING that, but I think God made us girls with a need to get together with our siesta's and dive into the Word! Maybe I'm wrong about that, but I know I sure need it! I need to know that there are other's dealing with issues I'm dealing with. I need to have someone squeeze my neck once in a while - just because. I need girlfriends who love Jesus more than anything and who want to do more than just show up at church Sunday morning. So, I'm starting this study and so excited to see what the Lord is going to clean out of me! Not looking forward to the process of it - because it's often not much fun - but I've learned to trust Him in the work.

What about you? Do you have summer Bible study plans? Are you winging it or do you have a group of girls you're diving in the Word with? I have a best girlfriend who is a loner. She likes to be social, but always jokingly says she doesn't do the "girl thing". She's not big on retreats, she's not big on group studies, it's just not her cup of tea. (Don't you love how the Lord mixes us up sometimes?!) So she's doing a study on her own this summer and says she MAY join a group in the fall. Y'all pray for her because I don't care what she says - she NEEDS some "girl things" - there's just something not right about that! haha (just kiddin'!)

One more thing - thanks so much for your prayers for our family. They are being felt! Please continue to pray that the Lord will swing a door wide open for Jimmy. He's really starting to get kinda bummed over the whole situation and that's not a good thing. Thanks so much.