Sunday, June 1, 2008

My sweet angel.....

Happy Birthday to my sweet angel!!!
It's hard to believe you're 6! What a big girl you're becoming. You bring such joy to my heart and you have since the first time I heard your heartbeat inside me. Your sweet smile, your eyes, your songs, everything God made special in and about you brings me joy! I'm so honored to be your Momma, Kayley! Thank you for always making me smile!
Your life began during a time that wasn't easy for us as a family - Pawpaw was so sick and so many other things - then you were sick too. I thought my heart would explode the night I had to drive away and leave you in that hospital! But God was so faithful to hear my prayers - and the prayers of so many friends - and to heal you quickly because He knew your Pawpaw was going to be healed by going Home!
You have continued to grow and have done such a GREAT job in Kindergarten - even telling everyone how your Momma cried all the way home your first day! I am so proud of you, reading, writing and doing addition! WOW! Such a BIG GIRL!! Then watching you sing to Jesus for your first musical at church, along with your bothers, was just about more than my heart could take. I was supposed to be helping ALL the kids, but I just couldn't keep my eyes off the 3 of my babies up there worshipping the Lord!! Thank you for wanting to participate in that!!
My prayer is that you will love the Lord MOST in your life and that you will serve Him all your days. I pray for the one the Lord has picked out for you - he's gonna have to prove A LOT! haha You are such a blessing to me and your daddy and I love you more than you know!! Stay close to Jesus, sweet baby!! You are my punkin' butter bean!! Happy Birthday!!!
I love you....
Your Momma


Nicki said...

She is SOOOOO sweet!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Melissa said...

Sweet girl! She is growing so much! Love her! And you!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

you are kidding me - you have got to be kidding me - i am in shock..........she was just at tot with no hair!!!!!!!what int he world - 6???????????

beuatiful like momma!!