Tuesday, June 3, 2008

On time every time.....

Doesn't God just crack you up? I mean, He just blows my mind day after day!! Lately it seems that so many are hurting and suffering losses that just seem impossible to get my mind around that I have been reluctant to share our burdens at all. Then God - in His love for me - just comes along and whispers in my ear, "I'm here. I know. I care and I'm working!" Don't you just love that about Him?!

If you've been under a rock or just so wrapped up with life that you've missed the Wachovia hoopla lately, my man is gonna be out of a job by mid June. UGH! Barring some sort of Divine Intervention, he'll be out. Please pray for the Lord to either swing open a door in another area, or to swing open the door to wherever He's sending Jimmy. These are HARD times on my man!!

So, God yesterday sends me a couple of sweet little kisses thru Faith's blog and then thru the Beth Moore Romans study online. I'm WAAAAAAYYYYY behind on that study - or so I thought - but it seems our on time, every time God had me RIGHT where He wanted me! I opened the archives of the study and guess where we were? Can you guess where in Romans? Come on, just take a WILD guess? ............ ROMANS 8:28!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! God sat me down last night at 10:00pm and He wrapped His precious arms around me and gave me a big ole' Abba Daddy hug!!! AMAZING!!!

He reminded me that He is a "Present Active Participle God" and that all things in my life - every circumstance - is working at His Company for MY BENEFIT!! They aren't just working for Him part time, or a seasonal employee, but my circumstances - past, present and future - are working - together - for my good!! This whole job thing - it's for my good! This whole moving thing - for my good!! This whole music ministry thing - for my good!! This whole Sunday school teaching thing - for my good!!! ALL WORKING for my benefit! Does that just crack you up? It does me! It gives me such hope and peace!

Father - thank you for your Word. Thank you for loving me enough to whisper in my ear and remind me who I am, your daughter, your child! Thank you for painting my life with a multi-colored masterpiece of events that will glorify You!! Thank you for seeing me as worth the effort! I choose You! I choose to trust You in ALL things! I choose to KNOW that all these things are working for my good and that You have plans to prosper me and give me hope and a future! I love you Lord and I bless Your Name!!!! Thank you Father, thank you!!!!!


Faith said...

Love that verse He gave you at just the right time! What a comfort (the only comfort) to know that He is working for our good through all that's going on around us.
Praying for you and Jimmy, that the Lord would provide abundantly and meet your every need. I also pray that He would clearly show you His plan as you seek Him and His will. Love you! Faith

Shonda said...

I love how alive God's word is to us. How HE gives it to us and we know without a doubt it was from HIM. What sweet, sweet comfort that brings during our trials. I pray for you & Jimmy. God never fails us.
Blessings in Christ--

Melissa said...

Hey honey... you know I am praying and I am here just to listen if that's what you need. The Lord IS going to provide and He is at work and I am glad that you can see it! Keep claiming His promises!

Marina said...

Val, came by to say hi, and I love the way God knows just when and how to speak to us his love and comfort are always there for us.
He is with you Val, hang in there God is great and he will come through for you, you are in my prayers.marina