Thursday, July 24, 2008

Almost heaven....WV

Well, not quite. I mean, I know those words are true for some and don't get me wrong it is just beautiful here but almost heaven......I don't think so! If so, we're in a lot of trouble friends!! hahaha Just kiddin'! It's a great place to visit but I wouldn't wanna.......well, I'd better not finish that sentence.

I love coming here and hangin' out with my family and visiting old friends, but I must admit that I'M 'BOUT DONE!!!! I'm ready to get home. I miss my family there. I miss my friends. I miss my church. Isn't it crazy that I've only missed one week and it feels like I haven't been there in MONTHS?!! That's how home is, I guess.

It really has been a good visit and we've got a BIG weekend coming - my in-law's family reunion - and that is usually a GREAT time. I must admit that my intro into my in-law's family wasn't really a good one. The first time I met MOST of them was at my (what would be future) Father-in-law's funeral. Jimmy's dad passed away about 2 months after we met. We had just started to get serious about one another when it happened and a lot of his family hadn't even heard about me so they were kinda like "Who's that?" (where they didn't think I could hear them) and some even were quite vocal in their opinions at how inappropriate it was for me to be there. Yeah. Special. Rocky start, don't ya think?

However, God being the Restorer that He is, healed hearts (especially mine), mended fences and taught me to love my "enemies" (that was exactly what they felt like to me). So this weekend truly is a celebration!! Not just of family coming from all over - making it a point to carve out a weekend together once a year - but of the Father bringing family together to show His love, to show His heart! I really am VERY excited about it. While the enemy does his best to distract me with his usual attacks on my insecurities this weekend, I know the Father will be faithful to remind me who I am, what He's done, and what He's gonna do thru our time together. So, with that in mind, I anticipate a blessing!!! I look forward to watching Him work!!! I can't wait to tell you guys what He did!!! Just you wait and see......

OH YEAH - My man is coming tonight too!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOO! I miss him SOOO much!!!! I love you, Baby!!!!!


Melissa said...

We miss you here too so come on back girl! I have not seen you in forever!! :( Hope you guys have fun and be careful coming home!